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  1. Chris_Lum

    DIY: VHT Brake Caliper paint

    Learn how to refinish 91-05 Oem Honda/Acura NSX brake calipers utilizing VHT Caliper Spray Paint. Most other DIY show how to refinish the calipers while still mounted on the car and masking everything off. Of course most people don't want to go through the trouble of removing the calipers and...
  2. ryneen

    Brakes WTB NA2 stock rear brakes (caliper, rotors, bracket, etc)

    I have an NA1 and I'm looking to purchase the larger NA2 rear brake system. Thanks!!
  3. Big McLargeHuge

    Brakes New 97+ Honda OEM Brake Rebuild Kits

    Selling brand new in-package OEM brake rebuild kits for 97+ calipers, 4 total for front & rear. I accidentally bought these instead of 91-96 rebuild kits which have different piston sizes so those seals are incompatible. The kits include all rubber seals and piston/pin boots, banjo bolt...
  4. Y

    Brembo Gran Turismo BBK Front 4-piston: What pads and discs to use?

    Hi Friends, The original owner of my NSX had Brembo Gran Turismo BBK Front 4-piston installed in the front wheels. It is time for me to replace the discs and brake pads however I am having an extermely hard time fiding the correct part numbers and also an online store that sells them. Does...
  5. K

    Brake Booster / Servo Compatibility between 91-96 and 97-2005

    I am considering replacing the brake booster / servo in my 1994, as the leaking master cylinder caused the paint to be damaged, causing the brake booster / servo to rust. I am seeing two part numbers: 46400-SL0-J02 for 1997-2005, and 46400-SL0-951 for 1991-1996. Does anyone know the former can...
  6. C

    Brakes 97+ Right (Passenger) Rear Caliper - 43018-SL0-J02 - READ ENTIRE POST

    **Please read the entire post - I am not trying to mislead anyone with this sale.** I am selling a 97+ right rear brake caliper - GREAT FOR A REBUILD. The part number is 43018-SL0-J02 (new price is between $550 and $800). The caliper is professionally powder coated red with silver...
  7. Risen

    Front brakes pulsate when braking?

    So I haven't driven my NSX in half a year and the ABS and TCS light both turn on as soon as I drive. Before, it was just the ABS. When I hit the brakes (even if I lightly push it down), the brakes in the front slowly pulsate. It's not fast pulsating like when braking on gravel or a wet /...
  8. chussey

    WANTED: Front brake cooling ducts

    Hello, Looking for a set of improved brake cooling ducts that attach to the front lower control arms. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  9. chussey


    Looking for used / bad / not working clutch or brake master and slave cylinders, for a project. Let me know what you have! Thanks! -Chris
  10. H

    DIY NSX Brake bleed using Motive power bleeder

    Hello, I wanted to share how I did my brake bleeding using Motive power bleeder, be warned it is messy when done wrong and make sure you protect your paint against brake fluid (that eat car paint).... I will show you step-by-step and how to use Power Bleeder, there is gotcha with NSX because...
  11. ousi

    Brakes 97+ Spec Front and Rear Brake

    97+ Spec (11.7" rotors) front and rear brake caliper + brackets needed. With or without rotors since I'll be putting in a new set of RB 2-piece. Has to be 97+ spec since I want the 97+ spec rear caliper.
  12. Bright Light Tech

    Complete BBK DIY install

    Had a fun weekend project installing and documenting a install for my Stop-Techs. I got the complete front and rear kit with parking brake and spent about 8-12 hours installing it over a period of a week. I've seen a few DIYs on this topic already but decided to take my own personal take at...
  13. nsxpowered

    Downforce - Front Brake Duct Group Buy

    We have 10 spots for the FRP front brake ducts. It is smooth on both sides. Expected leadtime is 3 days after payment. $100 Black FRP Shipped within the USA. Here is the picture of what it looks like. Here is our product page...