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Brakes 97+ Right (Passenger) Rear Caliper - 43018-SL0-J02 - READ ENTIRE POST

18 August 2012
**Please read the entire post - I am not trying to mislead anyone with this sale.**

I am selling a 97+ right rear brake caliper - GREAT FOR A REBUILD. The part number is 43018-SL0-J02 (new price is between $550 and $800).

The caliper is professionally powder coated red with silver lettering. The finish is in great shape except for around the parking brake lever spring due to a brake fluid leak.

NOTE: This caliper was replaced because it was leaking brake fluid from the parking brake lever seal (GREEN ARROW). This is the only place it was leaking fluid.
Please do not use the brake caliper in its current condition - it is leaking brake fluid from this seal and is NOT SAFE TO DRIVE WITH unless rebuilt!

One of the rubber dust boots for the caliper bolts was also cracking due to age and was removed (YELLOW ARROW).

A rebuild kit for these calipers (not included with sale) is selling for around $11 on ebay (link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Disc-Brake-...ash=item3d2f4c0817:g:LQwAAOSw241YaA6i&vxp=mtr).

I have the 1997 NSX service manual which details exactly how to rebuild these calipers. I would be happy to make copies of the pertinent pages and send them with the caliper. From the illustrations, it doesn't look like it would be too challenging for someone with reasonable wrenching skills and an hour or so of free time.

I am willing to sell this unit for $95 shipped (+ 3% paypal please). CONUS only. By purchasing this caliper, you understand that it requires a rebuild prior to being safe to drive on.

Please email [email protected] with questions, or paypal to the same address to purchase.






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