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Brake Booster / Servo Compatibility between 91-96 and 97-2005

8 October 2007
Foster City, CA
I am considering replacing the brake booster / servo in my 1994, as the leaking master cylinder caused the paint to be damaged, causing the brake booster / servo to rust.

I am seeing two part numbers: 46400-SL0-J02 for 1997-2005, and 46400-SL0-951 for 1991-1996. Does anyone know the former can be installed in an earlier model?
I remember seeing a discussion about whether the NSX-R ABS unit would work for a US car and Kaz mentioned that the NSX-R had a much more powerful brake booster compared to the NA1 cars. I checked the R parts catalog and the part number for the booster is the same as the one you listed (and also what Acura lists for the US NA2 cars). Thus, I think it will bolt right up, but it might affect the brake behavior on the smaller NA1 brakes...
Rust is no reason to change it unless it has already holes in it. :)