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  1. 8kallday

    Suspension WTB: CT Engineering Front Offset Camber Bushings

    I'm looking for a set of front offset bushings designed to be pressed into the front A-arms to add static camber. CT-Engineering Part Number 160-030 PM any time... I'm feeling pretty desperate! 😬
  2. J

    FS: RM Racing front and rear sway bars 3/4" 19mm

    Name: Jason Location: Palatine, IL Contact: PM Price: $275 SHIPPED Hello all, I have for sale a set of 3/4" 19mm font and rear RM racing sway bars. They include a set of polyurethane bshings and brackets for I a bolt in and go set up. These are thicker than the factory setup and make for a...
  3. foundry3

    Billet Engine Mounts Now Available

    Hello Fellow Primers. We just got in 10 sets of our billet engine mounts as our first batch sold out. If you've been thinking about getting a set please do so we can reinvest in the lot of Billet Alternator Brackets we have coming in the pipeline:smile: Thanks to some competitive shopping on...
  4. chussey

    NSX Urethane Suspension Bushing Kit in Development

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Dee Engineering in Los Angeles CA is currently using my car to develop urethane suspension bushings for the NSX. I managed to convince them at SEMA that the NSX community needs a source for these parts besides Honda, and they agreed. To buy all replacement...
  5. Track Addict

    TiDave non compliance bundle WITH mobile installation in CA!

    This is a: Third party group buy, Minimum Number of Units:10 Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited Closing Date: 6/13/14 Product Will Ship: 4 weeks after the group buy is closed (lead time) Payment Procedure: Deposit of $350 (if only ordering bushings) $800 (if ordering bundle) upon sign up...
  6. chussey

    WANTED: Front Suspension Brackets / Subframes / Crossmembers

    WANTED: Front Suspension Uprights / Brackets / Subframes / Crossmembers Hello everyone, Looking for the front suspension bracket pictured, both driver and passenger side. Would like to design replacement bushings that are a reasonable price, and need a couple spares to take measurements on...
  7. Track Junkie

    New Bushings for Steering Rack?

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this...After years of track use with my '92, the bushing in the passenger end of my steering rack has worn considerably, resulting in a fairly annoying rattle anytime the slightest bump is encountered. I have recently replaced the inner and outer tie rod ends...