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New Bushings for Steering Rack?

15 November 2001
High in the Rockies
Wondering if anyone has experienced this...After years of track use with my '92, the bushing in the passenger end of my steering rack has worn considerably, resulting in a fairly annoying rattle anytime the slightest bump is encountered. I have recently replaced the inner and outer tie rod ends (the ball & socket joints) hoping that would account for most of it but unfortunately no...Of course, to correct this problem through Acura requires replacing the entire steering rack (~$900) -- you cannot just buy the internal bushings and other pieces. I heard that some time ago that someone was "re-bushing" the steering racks...anyone know who might be doing this? I suppose any machine shop could probably deal with it, but hoped that someone might already be set up for it and have the process (and price) down.

Any info appreciated!
This might be what you are looking for. Not too hard to replace.

Unfortunately, these are not what I need. These are the rack mounting bushings which hold the rack housing to the subframe...What I need are what goes inside the passenger end of the rack housing and holds the actual sliding part of the rack in place -- it's the rack knocking against this piece that's making all the noise. But thanks anyway, I think I'll give Chris a call to see if he knows of anyone! :smile: