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catalytic converter

  1. N

    NA2 Catalytic Converter

    Selling both of these shipped to CONUSA $1000, will entertain reasonable offers. Low miles and honeycomb is in perfect shape! Let me know if any questions
  2. T

    Exhaust 300 Cell AP-X Catalytic Converters

    I have a pair of AP-X 300 cell cats that fit model years 95-96 with ~100 miles on them. Purchased them with the intention of swapping them out for the occasional track day but never got around to doing it so they are just collecting dust and in my way. Paid $559 + shipping from Will. First...
  3. D

    Oem steering wheel & airbags, coolant tank, oem catalytic converters

    Up for sale is a few items replaced by aftermarket parts last summer. All were in good order and working when removed. The steering shows just a bit of wear on the top as seen in the pictures but no tear or loose stitching. Oem Steering wheel + air bag with all covers and cruise control switch...
  4. C

    Catalytic converter installation question

    I just bought a 91 from a state where there are no emissions tests. The owner had replaced the catalytic converters with test pipes. I need the cats to pass emissions, so the owner sent me the old ones along with some ring/flange thing. What I'm confused about is that the ring sticks way out...
  5. C

    Catalytic converter options

    Hello! I just purchased a 91 from out of state. When I took it in for the Colorado emissions test, they informed me that the car didn't have catalytic converters. Oops. I think that I have 2 options: Install a catalytic converter on the existing exhaust. Install an original exhaust system (I...
  6. chussey


    SOLD Selling two brand new in the box Denso plug and play oxygen sensors. One front and one rear bank. Purchased for my 91, but I believe should fit 91-99 model years. $70 shipped
  7. Prospeed

    Group Buy PROSPEED Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters and ECU ROM Tune Service!

    PROSPEED Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters and ECU ROM Tune Service Group Buy! This is a: [X] Direct vendor group buy Minimum Number of Units :3 sets Maximum Number of Units :10 sets Closing Date : 30 Days from today 9/12/2011 Product Will Ship: [X] After the group buy is closed Payment...
  8. F

    Failed smoggg

    Here's the deal, i bought the car 2 years ago and it passed smog fine with the catalytic converters installed. They were taken off and replaced with test pipes for 2 years of driving. Its time to smog the car again and so a week ago i put the cats back on. I've only driven it for a few miles...
  9. Duffer

    Miscellaneous NSX Parts for Sale

    I have the following 1997 parts for sale that were removed when the car only had 16K miles. My car is a garage queen, so the parts are in excellent shape: Rear Spa Yellow Valence $75 Exhaust (stock) Sold Headers (stock) Sold Rear Hatch Engine Cover Sold Pair of Cats (stock) Sold Windshield...
  10. Prospeed

    91-94 Used OEM Catalytic Convertors

    91-94 Used OEM Catalytic Convertors for sale! The cat's had 65,XXX miles on them when they were removed. They are in perfect working condition. Removed for Prospeed Hi-flow Cats. These cats are perfect for someone who wants to pass smog and replace their old cats. Asking $250 + shipping. PM me...
  11. AdventureNSX

    Wanted Damaged Catalytic Converter's

    FOUND> Please lock thread Wanted Damaged Catalytic Converter's **Need to have the triangle mountings attached at both ends** Any in Bad Condition, preferably not working or lightly damaged. I will gladly pay shipping to Oklahoma, Zip 74074. I already have a good set. I want to do some...
  12. Prospeed

    FS: OEM Catalytic Converters for 91-94 NSX

    FS: OEM Catalytic Converters for 91-94 NSX I have a set with 65,xxx miles on them. Passed CA emissions with them last year. No problems guaranteed. Asking $250 plus shipping cost. PM me if you are interested. Thank you!
  13. midlifecrisis

    OEM Catalytic Converters (Cats) '91 to '94 NSX

    Set with 60 k miles, no rattles. Just passed emissions in TX. $250 plus shipping