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Exhaust 300 Cell AP-X Catalytic Converters

26 February 2016
I have a pair of AP-X 300 cell cats that fit model years 95-96 with ~100 miles on them. Purchased them with the intention of swapping them out for the occasional track day but never got around to doing it so they are just collecting dust and in my way.

Paid $559 + shipping from Will. First person with $450 + shipping takes them.


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Hi solidol and 95gsrturbo, they have a factory bold pattern and fitment. I am currently running CT headers and AP-X mufflers on my '96 and can swap between these and my factory replacements.
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The exhaust make up is a bit different for different years I think it's 91-94, then 95-05 I could be wrong

This is what we are looking for
What year is your car?

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Looking at the Acura parts catalog model years 95-96 are the only years that these will fit, 91-94 & 97-2002 are different.
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I did put the 100 miles on them. There is a difference in the exhaust note and they are slightly louder than the stock ones.