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  1. D

    Coolant Reservoir

    Hey yall! My dad has a 96 NSX targa with a turbo kit (can’t remember who makes the kit but he definitely found it on here). He’s been talking about an aluminum/stainless coolant reservoir for YEARS and I figured that would make a sweet Father’s Day gift. I am a skilled welder and could make it...
  2. M

    For Sale: Like New Rev9 Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank - Satin Black

    For Sale: Rev9 Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank, purchased less than a year ago on Ebay (link and details below); Constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy sheet and TIG welded, with sight glass and pressurized cap, this is a direct fit for the OEM unit. I had the tank custom powder...
  3. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: Upper & Lower Expansion Tank Hoses

    Hey all, I'm looking for qty(1) each of the upper and lower hoses to the coolant expansion tank, should be shared with all years of NSX. Parts are 19103-PR7-A00 and 19104-PR7-A00. I'm in a bit of a bind since the silicone hoses I got are too big for the OEM clamps and worm drive clamps just...
  4. Rockeim

    Engine went hot once + check engine sign days later (coincidence?)

    Good day from Norway, NSX owners! I finally bought my dream car, a '91 NSX manual (not in snap ring range). The car is well maintained and doesn't carrie the stamps of a 30 year old car - interior isn't worn, exterior's flawless because it's newly been repainted (not crashed) by previous owner...
  5. etang789

    Coolant leak from engine block

    Found a cap on the engine block with some coolant leak. Not sure if there is a gasket inside or O Ring or just simple gasket sealant? Can someone tell me which parts is needed or how to fix this can't find any diagram for this section...
  6. DopeScope

    Leaking radiator bleed plug, direct replacement?

    I noticed that my radiator has had a relatively slow leak which seems to be coming from the bleed plug. I haven't noticed any other issues and my coolant expansion tank is filled to the line so I don't think I've lost too much coolant over time. Anyways, my question is, can I simply buy a new...
  7. chussey

    New in Box Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator 91-05

    Brand new Mishimoto all aluminum radiator. Fits all years NSX. Never even removed from the box. $300 shipped in the lower 48.
  8. dreamerstudio

    Powertrain HONDA ANTIFREEZE / COOLANT TYPE 2 - 4 bottles of 1 U.S.gallon

    Hi! Bought these bottles from local Honda dealer but sold the NSX. SOLD!!
  9. jond

    23 Coolant hose kit -- what other hoses to replace?

    I bought the 23 coolant hose kit from science of speed. What other hoses do people replace? My car is 15 years old with all original rubber. I'm going in for my 2nd TB/WP and figured now is the time. Doing everything preventive that I can. Recos? The kit I have so far includes: 1 HOSE E...
  10. MetalSpikeRacing

    Burn out and coolant everywhere!!!!

    Hey guys, Well to start I dont usually beat on my car unless I am racing, but I had just got off the gym I was at the back parking lot of sam's club there was no people around, so I decide for a very little burn out. I slowed down, I stoped, I reved it to about 3500-4000 RPM and drop it into...