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  1. nsxnemo

    Exterior OEM NSXR Rear Diffuser

    Painted Satin Black. Comes with new bolts. $500 Shipped within the US.
  2. Si Espanol4Yes

    Exterior Downforce DF-R Rear Diffuser FRP

    {SOLD} Downforce DF-R Rear Diffuser FRP PRICE: Sold Description from Science of Speed: This diffuser, compared to the part used by Honda in production NSX-R's features more aggressive vertical fins and spans further to the rear tie brace.The Downforce NSX-R Style Rear Diffuser is available in...
  3. J

    FS IL:02+ Downforce NSX-R Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

  4. Yawwn

    Installing a Difflow diffuser on a car w 2002+ Seibon rear valence

    Hello fellow members, I haven't really seen any threads about how to install the Difflow diffuser onto a car with the Seibon 2002+ rear valence. The problem with this is that it doesn't fit like the typical OEM 2002+ rear valence. For one thing, the Seibon is too stubby in the bottom part where...
  5. chussey

    Some close up pics of the new NSX at my local Acura dealer...

    Stopped by the local dealer this afternoon to take a look and snap some pics. Enjoy!
  6. W

    NSX Misc Parts – Downforce Diffuser, NA1 Hood, Rocker Panels, OEM Disc Changer, etc

    Hi All, I am cleaning out my garage and have a bunch of misc parts. Below is the list and my pricing. Feel free to make me an offer, everything must go! If you are located in Washington State or the Greater Seattle Area, you can come by and pick up, otherwise I will mail the items to wherever...
  7. N

    Body Shop recommendation in Maryland?

    I want to install side skirts, add rear spats and remove the valance on my 1992. Thinking of installing a real diffuser but concerned that my exhaust and turbo won't clear the diffuser. Any ideas on someone near Baltimore, Maryland that can provide some guidance? Thanks
  8. Caustic

    Exterior new Downforce carbon fiber diffuser

    sold Brand spanking new Downforce carbon fiber diffuser. Never installed or used. $950 + shipping.
  9. S

    WTB:02+ rear valance

    I am open to offer, please contact me if you know where i can find one. Thanks
  10. N

    MINT: Downforce NSX-R Style Sports Diffuser Plate

    Mint, NSX-R Diffuser carbon fiber "ALL years" $500.00 + shipping, paypal Thanks, - Frank
  11. D

    $1300 taitec center exhaust and repaired carbon fiber diffuser for sale

    taitec center exhaust pipes and repaired carbon fiber diffuser for sale looking to get 1300 for both. the diffuser has sustained some light damage but has been repaired and looks good now. the damage was due to a bolt from a manhole cover sticking out and partially de-riveting the diffuser...
  12. Prospeed

    Mode4 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

    SOLD! Please lock!
  13. A.S. Motorsport

    JUN AUTO @ A.S. Motorsport (front diffuser, flywheels and engine parts)

    Hi, Here you see JUN Auto parts for the NSX, Flywheel, C30A 5MT dual plate clutch sports flywheel kit (NA1 1990-1996) Stock weight: 7 KG JUN light weight: 4.5KG JUN ultra light: 4.3KG Front Diffuser, Improve front down force and handling Made out of FRP comes in black gel coat...