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$1300 taitec center exhaust and repaired carbon fiber diffuser for sale

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28 November 2007
taitec center exhaust pipes and repaired carbon fiber diffuser for sale

looking to get 1300 for both. the diffuser has sustained some light damage but has been repaired and looks good now. the damage was due to a bolt from a manhole cover sticking out and partially de-riveting the diffuser from the bottom while i was moving at 5mph in rush hour traffic near my garage. brackets were readjusted and a small section of the diffuser was professionally re-riveted by Vince's autobody. Inside was painted flat black also by Vince's so cf diffuser looks clean.

I'm looking to get 700 for the exhaust and 600 for the diffuser. The items are in my storage in ridgefield nj and i hope to avoid having to ship them.

i originally wanted 1600 for both but i need to sell quickly. these items are used, repaired and fully functional- perfect for track application.

email me at [email protected] or call 313 212 1626 if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking.


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sold a little while back. Thanks NSXprime. please take this post down. Thank you
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