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  1. End of Year Cruise - Post Your Pics If You Got Em!

    Post up a link or
  2. FF Drifter

    Shipping through Pasha Hawaii: negative review

    I chose to ship through Pasha Hawaii based on recommendations and the simple fact that the company specializes in shipping cars. Unfortunately, my NSX experienced damage beyond what makes any reasonable sense. Three items: 1) the panel behind the passenger seat was ripped out. I have no clue...
  3. ca2822

    Transmission problems

    Just dropped my NSX off at Honolulu Acura to get my NSX looked at. It's a '92 in the snap ring range, but had the issue fixed a few years back and has an SOS clutch. I was driving and into first from a light I just felt grinding and I was unable to shift without really jamming it into gear. I...
  4. NSX mechanics in Hawaii?

    Is there any certified NSX mechanics out there in hawaii?? or does anyone know anyone in hawaii that can work on nsx?? I just bought a 2005 Targa and is looking for someone that can help me install a supercahrger.