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Transmission problems

23 August 2008
Seattle, WA / Abilene, TX
Just dropped my NSX off at Honolulu Acura to get my NSX looked at. It's a '92 in the snap ring range, but had the issue fixed a few years back and has an SOS clutch. I was driving and into first from a light I just felt grinding and I was unable to shift without really jamming it into gear. I pulled over and tried engaging some gears and was able to only get first and sometimes reverse, but slight engagement of the clutch would cause a "smooth" grinding noise and slight shutter. For the most part, gears were unable to engage. Any ideas on the issue? Also, the car is at the shop and I'm waiting for the verdict. Any recommended shops to work on this besides Acura? Or would they be my best bet?
Sorry to hear about your problem. I would message ChrisK. He has some experience with snap ring issues and had his transmission swapped out by a local shop.

Trying giving LS Automotive in Waipahu a call. They have worked on my NSX, and did transmission work on my other cars before. I highly recommend them. You can check out their reviews on yelp. I know a friend who had her NSX clutch and timing belt work done by them. They specialize in transmissions, and have experience with the NSX. Ask for Lester or John. You can tell them Ryan with the Silver NSX sent you.

Good luck!
Any update on the trans? The shop I used only swapped transmissions, they did not rebuild it as I bought a new rebuilt one from SOS. If you need transmission parts I actually have my old trans sitting in my garage. The snap ring did break on the edge, but it wasn't fully broken yet so the car was still drivable, but I stopped driving it and bought the new trans to replace it. Internally my old trans is still good. It would need a new transmission case and snap ring though. it has about 53K give or take a thousand miles when I noticed the snap ring corner (About 3/4") broken off.
Hey just seeing this now. I ended up working through Paul Coffman and he sent me to his mechanic Will. Turns out my clutch was shattered. Ended up replacing it with an SOS 350 Sport clutch... Great service and working great now!