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Shipping through Pasha Hawaii: negative review

20 January 2004
I chose to ship through Pasha Hawaii based on recommendations and the simple fact that the company specializes in shipping cars. Unfortunately, my NSX experienced damage beyond what makes any reasonable sense. Three items:

1) the panel behind the passenger seat was ripped out. I have no clue why, but someone must have yanked and yanked at the map pocket for some reason until the panel tore. That's not an easy panel to get to, nor is it easy to damage. Why did this happen?

2) the targa latch mechanism on the driver's side was damaged. For whatever reason, someone pushed it outwards (as if towards the sky) so now the latch is bent and scrapes against the roof. It still works, but now there is rubbing every time I use the latch. While it is unnecessary for someone driving my car to take off the roof, it would've been nice if they did so by simply following the clear arrows on the mechanism so they wouldn't have damaged it. Again... why?

3) My key was completely lost. This was an NSX key with an NSX-branded keychain. Apparently it just disappeared. This is minor compared to the very real damage caused to my car, so I feel like I'm letting Pasha Hawaii off easy here.

Worst of all, Pasha Hawaii denies ANY claims to damage to the interior. Okay, while kudos to the company for doing what seems to be a pretty good job of avoiding any external dents, dings or similar damage to the outside, the damage to my interior leaves me no other option. I understand they need to limit liability in case they dirty up my interior. I'm not complaining about that. I can clean that up. But what were they doing in my car? Rooting around for... what? Pressing buttons and latches and pounding on them? It is not easy to press on a latch so hard in the wrong direction that you bend it. Similarly, it is not easy to yank on a panel so hard that it is torn.

It is, however, very easy for them to deny any damage claim apparently, although the destroyed parts have nothing to do with the normal operation of my NSX and had nothing to do with getting the car onto or off of their ship. Very disappointed in Pasha Hawaii.

*I am re-sharing this post from one I also publicly made on FB*
Wow, really sorry to hear that. Someone on their side should take responsibility for it. They definitely have insurance to cover damages in these cases. Before I shipped my car I made sure to take pictures of everything, granted I don't think I ever did take any pics of the interior panels you described. I wouldn't let this one go, they need to compensate you for the damages and next time use Matson, they brought my NSX to the island in flawless condition.
Sorry to hear. Did you check the before and after mileage? My first reaction to them messing with the targa top was them taking it off to go for a joyride.

Before and after mileage was consistent; only a few miles from when I dropped it off to when I picked it up. No issue with that. Also given I had raised up the car so it wouldn't scrape on ramps, the alignment was also quite far off so it wouldn't have been much fun to drive.

I emailed Pasha Hawaii today but will also call them tomorrow.
Damn, I've shipped with pasha 3 times and have had no problems. Sorry to hear that :-/
The interior of the vehicles are not inspected, therefore we don’t know the condition of the interior prior to shipping. Per the booking agreement Pasha does not cover any internal damages whether they are minor or major and there is no extra insurance you would have been able to purchase.

So basically, I'm fucked and there is nothing they will do about it. My interpretation is that their unwillingness to do anything with interiors basically means that they can do anything at all they want to the interior of cars and that is all on the customer. Too bad for us.
does the dea do random drug searches on cars shipped to Hawaii? maybe your interior got a rise outa one of their dogs:eek:
get a lawyer involved. Document everything including your previous discussions and ask them for names and numbers when you do anything over the phone.

Claim the loss of the key not as damage to the vehicle, but an apparent attempt to steal the vehicle in the near future as they have your address. Get freaky and paranoid on them.
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I agree with Blue, when you mention you have an attorney, or your attorney will contact them; that usually gets the ball rolling. Hawaii is a very paranoid state when it comes to lawsuits.
I sounds as though customs agents tore through the vehicle and not the shipment company. When I go to the islands they will not even let me leave with indigenous plant life so I can only imagine that customs tore through it. Maybe a dog picked up on something in that spot. Hard to say.