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NSX mechanics in Hawaii?

6 August 2009
Is there any certified NSX mechanics out there in hawaii?? or does anyone know anyone in hawaii that can work on nsx?? I just bought a 2005 Targa and is looking for someone that can help me install a supercahrger.
Im in hawaii... BSM had my car for 4 months just for a timing belt and clutch and gave me the car back all jacked up...

Then the next highly recommended mechanic gave me the car back and that night it blew up...

I swear this on my life..I WOULD GO TO THE DEALERSHIP!!!!!!!

I ended up spending 6 grand for the above things done by the time I had other mechanics trying to fix what the first mechanic messed up and so on and now need a minimum of 7K to have the new engine shipped here and installed ect...

If I could do it all over agin I just would have paid the dealership the 5K to do the work from the beginning....

Steven is a very nice guy and his car is very well put together..But I would still just go to the dealership....Especially on a newer nsx like yours...Im lucky where I can get another 1991 engione for around 5K used....You'd be lokking at a minimum of 10K used..Very minimum...

Go to the DEALERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However if you wont listen to me then Steven has quite the reputation for the nsx here in Hawaii....If not him then I would highly recommend ...

DARNIT..Im forgetiing......

I think they are EUROPEAN AUTO SPORTS???????? Over in the Nimitz highway area.....They installed my AEM and their shop is TOP QUALITY man...Hell they work on cars in their that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars....I wish i would have went their as well...
Would dealership install anything aftermarket?? of course I bet they void the warranty. What would everyone recommand between LoveFab and Science of Speed for my 05 Targa?? I am not a mechanic nor a car expert, something not complicate for me to maintain and lots of power!!

In Hawaii we don't have the roads to open up the engine and use the high end (safely). I'm running around 550 WHP with two small turbos and a set-up to maximize low end. Even with that, I think Oahu roads, and traffic, are better suited to a car with better low end even if you sacrifice some top end. I would consider a SOS supercharger with or without a big bore rebuild.
Contact me and I can give you a ride.
I sent you a PM.
I see you live in Hawaii. Do I know you? We used to do NSX cruises on Oahu. Send me a PM if you'd like to meet.