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head unit

  1. N

    OEM radio

    Sold for $200 on facebook. Pulled from my 91. When I bought the car in 2014, the radio was not working. When I turned it on, the lights came on, as well as the screen, but no sound was coming from the speakers. Not even the popping noise that other owners report. When I removed the radio, it...
  2. Speedmaster

    Interior 1995 Head Unit

    Works as designed. Very presentable (not beat up.) Will send photos to interested parties. Just tested again today - have video of me putting it through the programs. $650 Delivered in USA. Returns welcome if not as described. You get to pay shipping both ways though.
  3. Vuur1007

    Interior Wanted: OEM head unit. Dead or alive.

    Looking for OEM Honda radio head unit to do a conversion project. No problem if the unit is dead.
  4. N

    Interior OEM Head Unit

    Up for sale is a used, NON-WORKING OEM Radio Head Unit (P/N 39100-SL0-A000-M1) from my '91 NSX. This unit was once repaired and worked great for a few years and then recently failed. I sent it in for follow-up repairs and was told that it was beyond repair and only useful for parts (individual...
  5. B

    Is replacing the entire stereo system the way to go?

    Hi Old Friends, and new friends too. I still have my '92 NSX and am getting it back into driving shape, which didn't require much as it has been a garage queen for a couple years. But now I am faced with what the Acura Dealer said was a failed head unit on the stereo. (The symptom was I was...
  6. chussey

    Two NSX head unit radios (need work) $290

    NSX head unit, partially taken apart. $120 shipped Display and audio did not work before being disassembled.
  7. C

    Interior WTB OEM Bose head unit for parts

    Had the car interior cleaned and the guys used some sort of cleaner that was corrosive to the radio push buttons and a few of the programmable buttons are now disfigured. Looking for a DOA Bose head unit that has decent preset push buttons and LED display or only these parts from a DOA head...
  8. NSXBRO2

    Interior For Sale: OEM Stereo Head Unit (non-functioning)

    SOLD!!! Up for sale is a used, non-functioning OEM stereo head unit from my 1993 NSX. The previous owner of my car had this unit repaired once before by La Jolla Audio Repair, but it seems to have bit the dust once again. When listening to the am/fm radio, the volume is very low and causes...
  9. Nero Tenebre

    Interior Alpine CD Player Fold-Away Head Unit

    Compatible with the OEM Bose system with provided harness. Removed in perfect working order to install navigation unit. Used in conjunction with my modified single din console, also for sale. $125 OBO IMG_5280 by Nero Tenebre, on Flickr IMG_5281 by Nero Tenebre, on Flickr IMG_5282 by...
  10. Nero Tenebre

    Interior OEM Bose Head Unit Radio Stereo Cassette

    39100-SL0-A04 TUNER ASSY. (AM/FM/CAS) (ALPINE) 001 1995 NSX 2682.72 List $100 OBO. Does not work properly, very loud static coming from it. May be repairable but never used it as my car had an aftermarket unit installed.
  11. C

    WTB: OEM head unit and cd changer

    Like the title says. Looking for OEM head unit and CD changer. Please text me at 7one4-72six-326seven. Thanks!