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  1. S

    2017-2022 Acura NSX LED Headlight Set Left Right Pair LH RH OEM

    Selling set of 2017-2022 Acura NSX LED Headlight Set Left Right Pair LH RH OEM Good condition. Asking $2200 CAD OBO Will ship
  2. Wild Turkey

    LED Headlight Install with optional Headlight Adjuster Replacement

    LED Headlight Install +/- New Headlight Adjusters Boslla Bullet B1 LED bulbs are great! www.boslla.com When I installed my LED's, I read every thread I could find. After doing it, I made these instructions with pictures Google doc Instructions...
  3. L

    1991 LED Headlights?

    Has anyone been successful at finding LED headlights (low and high beam) for a 1991 NSX? I purchased these and the acura dealership is telling me that the back light gasket will not go back on. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WMFKQJB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Y

    Headlight goes up half issue

    Hello everyone! first post and sadly it is on a issue on my 1992 NSX i recently purchased a NSX with a odd issue i havent been able to find anywhere else on this site or online. When i turn on my headlights my passenger headlamp goes up fully with no issue however my driver side headlight goes...
  5. N

    BRAND NEW! Cliffud HID kit - $200 obo

    Hello All! I have a brand new, never installed, Cliffud HID kit, complete with bulbs, customer wiring, and ballasts. I got this years ago, and never installed them. Brand new - awesome kit for a seamless install. I honestly thought these were WhiteNSX HID kit, but i was wrong. These are Cliffud...
  6. mcrider

    WTB Retractor Relay

    WTB a Headlight Retractor Relay Part #39793-SL0-J01 . Apparently Honda has discontinued them. Anyone have access to one? Anyone done an 02 front conversion and not need the relays any longer I'll buy both of them.
  7. ca2822

    02+ Headlight Conversion Wiring Help

    I'm having issues with wiring up my '02 headlight conversion onto my '92. Looking at the instructions from SOS, I do not have the correct color wires that they are talking about. The wiring instructions say to connect (left is factory car wires, right is headlamp wires) Black - Black Red/Yellow...
  8. Risen

    FS: Left Driver Side Pop Up Headlight

    I was going to fix this and put it back in my car, but had a hard time finding some pieces, so I ended up purchasing another headlight unit. The motor is in working order. Came off of 92' with 175k miles. It needs: 1. Front glass piece 2. Rod that connects to the motor and light Light...
  9. FF Drifter

    Headlights opening unevenly

    This is probably not that big a deal but it is just barely enough to bother me: my headlights are no longer opening at exactly at the same rate/speed. My passenger-side light is getting to its fully open position just barely a moment before the driver-side. Both lights retract perfectly...
  10. Risen

    Exterior WTB: NA1 Driver Side / Left Headlight & Headlight Cover / Lid

    Looking to purchase a driver side left headlight and / or headlight cover / lid (black preferred). Thanks!
  11. V

    Exterior ProCar Specials Carbon NA1 Covers

    ProCar Carbon Fiber Covers Im selling a refinished in brand new condition ProCar Specials Carbon Fiber headlight covers. 500 shipped to your door, they go for 900 plus shipping from Germany.
  12. H

    Exterior Right (passenger) headlight complete

    Bump to $250 + shipping ---- MAKE AN OFFER Headlight- Right passenger side Complete includes: Everything you see Brace wiring motor light bulb housing front lens info: everything works great, however the inside of the lens is unclean as moisture had gotten into it. Don't know if it can be...
  13. 0

    NEEDED ASAP 02-05 passenger headlight

    I need this headlight assembly to finish my build so please if you have one or know someone who does please call me Joey at 423-244-5817
  14. 0

    Exterior Need Passenger side headlight assembly for 2005 nsx

    I need passenger side headlight assembly for a 2005 acura nsx ASAP if you have one or know somewhere i can get one i would really appreciate it. Call joey at 423-244-5817:smile:
  15. GeNSX

    Crystal View Headlight Restoration

    Folks, Performed a search and couldn't find a post on this topic... nor much of a good independent post on Google, so here it goes. I recently purchased a used Honda Pilot with 104k miles on it. It is in excellent mechanical condition with paperwork for the past 30k miles. The exterior...