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LED Headlight Install with optional Headlight Adjuster Replacement

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
LED Headlight Install +/- New Headlight Adjusters

Boslla Bullet B1 LED bulbs are great! www.boslla.com

When I installed my LED's, I read every thread I could find. After doing it, I made these instructions with tons of pictures:

I haven't had much luck uploading pictures so I put it in the form of a shared google doc link. I also detailed optional instructions on replacing the headlight adjusters, which are often seized if they're original pre-1997. Hope it helps someone do it more efficiently than I did as something like this would have saved me ++ time.

PM me if you see a gaff so I can fix it. Also, please post your results here, preferably with pics.

On Bossla:

Related Prime forums on the cap design:

Related Dust Cap Thingiverse link:
Boslla Bullet B1 fits in a 53 mm cap
Boslla B4 series 3 color fits in a 75 mm cap

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Just made an important addition. Be sure the retractor covers are positioned to not rub on the hood. With the attaching screws, the covers can be adjusted up and down as well as fore and aft. On mine, the covers seem to settle a bit too high, looking fine when down, but rubbing the hood when moving, which could eventually damage the paint. Moved them down about 1.5 mm and they're perfect now.
With the caps, I inset a Honda H logo 0.2 mm to help align the caps when installing. If you print layers 2-4 in a contrasting color, not only are they easier to insert, you see the Honda H if you look "back" into the headlight housings (only when the hood is up.) OK, I'm a 3D printing nerd...
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