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new owner

  1. A

    New owner. Think I got an amazing deal.

    Hi everyone, I'll start off by saying I'm 33 and that I've wanted an nsx since I was 9 and finally bought one 2 days ago. Over the last decade I've test drove 5 and looked at 6 total for sale. I finally got sick of the increasing price of these so I decided it needs to be now or possibly...
  2. BennyBenX

    I just bought my first NSX. It's a dream

    Hello everyone. I just purchased my dream car the NSX after years wanting one. I'm not planning on doing any mods on it for a year or two but after that who knows! I'm planning on keeping this car forever. I have a 1992 NSX with around 60k miles on it. I hope to get to know everyone here!
  3. CoolKidCar

    New NSX T owner in NC- 97 Berlina Black 6 speed

    Been a lifetime lover and finally secured one of my own last month. Looking forward to participating here and checking out C&C Charlotte when I'm in town. Sadly, the car lives in Charlotte and I live in NYC. PS- looking for some light colored OEM sheepskin seat covers if you know anyone.
  4. HDA

    New owner of a...snap ring issue!

    New owner of a...snap ring issue! NOW FIXED! Love it! Hello NSXPrime, I have a few questions regarding a 1992 NSX. The snap ring broke. The car still drives and shifts fine, I commute 2 miles a day with some traffic. Do I absolutely need to stop driving it and fix it? Granted that I shift...
  5. Alec_fields

    Does the Veilside fortune kit fit any generation NSX?

    I have been interested in an NSX since I saw one in a magazine when I was younger :eek:. I recently cashed in on some invested deployment money and have enough to buy one finally. I have also always liked the fortune kit. I know they are no longer sold. Once I find the perfect NSX for the pickin...
  6. Airwolf NSX

    STRESSful day: Car is scratched and friend throws up in my new car. Need detailer

    Today is the day i will remember as the day i've received so much stress due to my car issue.. #1 I'm backing out of my driveway and i hit my trash can. Usually, our driveway is free and clear but the trash removal service ended up leaving the trash bin on my driveway. Our driveway is at a...
  7. C

    I Bought One! New NSX in Chicago

    Hello fellow owners, I just purchased a low mileage, 1991 red over black NSX. I had it shipped up from Texas and inspected at Acura of Westmont. To my great relief the car is in excellent condition. The interior is spotless. The seat bolsters show no wear. There are a few minor blemishes on the...