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  1. Exterior Fs: JDM NA1 complete rear tail lights with Center H chrome

    Fs: JDM NA1 complete rear tail lights with Center H chrome Mint condition Text 1 204 333 6475 Comes with oem gaskets 899 usd
  2. Exterior Arclight Lumi-R Tailights $1,350

    These are BRAND NEW and UNUSED. I haven't even ever taken them out of the box they were shipped in. Bought them a couple years ago for a project that never happened so I'm just trying to get some extra money for my current project. When I bought them it was #18 out of 20 made. Don't know if more...
  3. Aero Z

    Exterior Mint Condition JDM Taillights

    Mint condition JDM taillights without any broken studs or cracks on the lenses. Comes with perfect condition gaskets and installation material. Asking price is 700 Plus shipping and paypal fees. Contact me @ 267 391 6764 if interest. Items are located in San Diego CA for those interested in pickup.
  4. nsxnemo

    Exterior '02 Taillights with Arclight LED's 3 Bar

    Like new '02 taillights with Arclight LED 3 bar version. Complete with wire harnesses, gaskets, bezels. Bulbs included on signals and reverse. Straight drop in! No broken studs or cracked lenses. $2300
  5. nsxnemo

    Exterior 91-01 Used Tail Lights

    Used tail lights left, right and center. No cracks or condensation. Gaskets and wire harness not included. Center piece studs are all snapped off. $400
  6. Risen

    Exterior 91-01 Rear Tail Lights

    1991-2001 Rear Tail Lights. All mounting studs are intact (10 per light) Cosmetically- Left: 9.6/10.0 Right: 9.9/10.0 (This one was bought new from dealership, a couple months old) $450 shipped (Boxed and ready to ship).
  7. texmorales

    Fixing condensation in taillights and trunk

    Everyone, Decided to tackle the condensation in my trunk and taillights. Ordered new gaskets (3,10,5,12,38) since the old ones were cracked and now longer bounced back. Probably not a very good seal and how I suspect water/condensation was getting into my trunk. As far as the condensation in...
  8. Quix-Draw

    NSX Sequential T..T-a..T-a-i..T-a-i-l..TAILS!!

    Hey all, (Here you go Bat!!) Finished my installs on my Brake Light Pulser and Sequential Turn Signal kits from WebElectric Products on my stock taillights, bulbs and harness. I'm talking Q-u-a-l-i-t-y K-i-t-s!! 3rd light in wing pulses 4 times on initial application of brakes, then remains...
  9. sporteknik

    Rare JDM Honda NSX Tail Light Set

    Available is a rare set Japanese market (JDM) Honda NSX tail lights in excellent condition. $700 Shipped - Payment via PayPal
  10. dreamerstudio

    B.E.A.M LED Taillights Conversion Project

    Hi, recently I started new project to modernize my NSX. Now, I like driving my NSX much more. Well, I hope you'll love your NSX more too!! Let me know how you like it!!! <iframe width="700" height="436" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/bI5HQ7mJkqM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <a...
  11. Exterior WTB: left front fender and right door mirror any year tail lights

    Hi. Like the topic states, I'm looking for a drivers front fender, preferably with zero filler in it. Also looking for a passenger door mirror. Even better if they are red. Also looking for uncracked tail lights, I know there are some for sale here, just haven't had anybody get back to me yet...
  12. Onsoku

    91-01 tail lights

    I am looking for a complete set of tail lights that are in excellent condition. Please attach photos. If you need a quick picture host, http://tinypic.com/ works great. Left , Right, and Center Include your reasonable Paypal price with SHIPPING to Alton Bay, NH 03810 Thank You
  13. MisterNSX

    1991-2001 Taillight Assemblies - perfect cond.

    SOLD!! THANKS PRIME!! Pair of NSX taillight assemblies from JH4NA126X1T000001. Fit any year NSX. Perfect condition, no scratches, no cracks, no fading, not missing any studs. Really nice set. Does NOT include the middle taillight section, nor gaskets or wiring. List price is $404.18 each...