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  1. M

    ***SOLD*** Science of Speed Liquid-Air Intercooler Parts (SPX Pump + Reservoir Tank)

    For Sale: Science of Speed (SOS) Liquid-to-Air Intercooler parts - Used for less than 100 miles, but in great condition. This is not a complete kit - these parts are included in the Science of Speed Liquid-to-Air intercooler kit, as noted below...
  2. C

    water leaking into engine bay

    hey Gang, I am not an owner as of yet, but have been looking for a while. I have inspected 2 cars for purchase and both of them have had water sitting in the engine bay cover tray. Is this normal? I passed on the first car because of this issue- I was buying the car from a distance and had an...
  3. chussey

    WANTED: Used timing belt, I'll cover shipping.

    Looking for a used timing belt so that I can turn over a spare engine I have. Don;t let your old timing belt go into the trash! I can cover shipping costs. Thanks!
  4. C

    Washing my car - LifeSource water vs. water softeners.

    I get water spots on my black NSX whenever I wash it. Water softener websites say minerals are are contaminants but other sites like www.lifesourcewater.com say minerals are important nutrients. I don’t want to ruin my tap water just for washing my car. My buddy has a salt water softener but...
  5. Nick675

    Protecting coils from water.

    So I finally got sick of the water on the coils problem and decided to resolve it yesterday. I took out the old plugs and replaced them with NGK BKR 6E11; only two were rusted. I cleaned up the coil contacts and used dielectric grease inside/outside the rubber sleeve. I used weather strip to...