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02 996 TT for 1k a month

Carguy! said:
It makes you wonder why they are offering $12,000 cash up front to get out of this cars additional 13 month lease.

What happens if the car was damaged in some way and they want money when it is turned in?

Did you notice that it was an automatic?

Did you notice that they let someone sit on the hood!

After doing a bit of research I found Porsche financial service will still hold the original lessee liable for anything which may go wrong during the lease. Most people looking to reassign a Porsche lease will have the second lessee make all the payments due up front at the time of transfer. I have looked into several Porsche convertibles to pick leases up on for the summer and most people want all the payments in one lump sum and a letter of credit or a escrow deposit for possible damage or overage on mileage.

So if the person with this TT is trying to get out of a hefty bill at lease end by passing off the car to someone else he will be quite surprised when the car is turned in.
hmm thats pretty interesting. to me the pics looks fake. it could be just cause it looks weird from that site resizing it or whatever, but it just look there are 3 different parts to that picture meshed together; the girl, car, and background