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1/4 mile drag tire pressure

there are too many factors to consider to give a solid answer. it really depends on your setup and track conditions. when i'm running on street tires @ 25psi, i launch at 2800rpms and i get some decent 60' times. my suggestion is to try a 3000rpm launch and adjust from there. -paul
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Just got back from NDRA event at VMP....

As an fyi.. i found 29 lbs to be a good pressure and launching at 3.5k was the best that I found...

track was warm (not hot)
lots of rubber on the pavement from the pros.

I knocked a 13.76 on my 91 nsx... cantrell intake/uni filter... that's about it. Not bad considering..

Hehe... look out for me on a TON of forums.. i was the ONLY NSX at the whole event.. :biggrin:

have fun.