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12th Annual CalCoastal NSX Canyon Drive - A NOT To Be Missed Event!

6 May 2008
California Coast
Event is a GO!!!

Please read below

Greetings fellow NSXers,
Without all of you guys supporting and attending these events, they would not exist or even be planned.
I want to thank all of you for joining in on the festivities all these years!!! It's been FUN

Ok, I'll go directly to the business end of this post. With any event, they are minimums that need to be met for the event to happen. Caterers and even facilities need a certain head count for us to proceed.
Unfortunately, we are about 15 people short of this event happening. I want to give some feet draggers the benefit of the doubt and prolong the cancelling of this event a few more days. At this point, ANYONE can pay and attend this event. If you have friends that are on the fence, please give them the little push they need. Please call, email, text or FB your contacts. Any help is appreciated!

Everyone will be refunded if the decision is made to (gulp) cancel this epic event.

Keeping my fingers crossed,
John :wink:


The 12th Annual CalCoastal NSX Canyon Drive is Sunday October 14th 2012.

Please "Subscribe to this Thread" as more details and updates will follow as we get closer to the event - Thank You!!

The CalCoastal NSX Canyon Drive is the longest running annual NSX event in the USA, other than NSXPO. As in the past the Canyon Drive will take you through very scenic routes and technical roads in Southern California. What could be better than a "leisurely" drive with a group of NSXs in the SoCal sunshine. After the drive you will have lunch and mingle with old friends and friends you have not met (yet). If you been on a CalCoastal Drive then you know this is a "Not To Be Missed Event". If you have never been on a CalCoastal NSX Drive you need to sign up NOW and make plans to have a blast in your NSX!

We always say "this is a not to be missed event" and this year in particular!! We have a very SPECIAL EVENT planned at the end of the drive. This is not just a drive with food, mingling and raffle at the end. It is much much more. So, if you miss this drive you will be forever kicking yourself in the ASS.

What a great response - Thank You!!
Over the past month we worked feverishly to squeeze as many people in as possible. The good news is WE DID IT!! We have expanded the the list to include everyone on all three lists. For those that did not attend NSXPO in Colorado this will be our mini-version of that great event! Let's call it NSX-Fest

We are seeking sponsors for this drive. If you, your company or anyone else would like to donate please PM CalCoastal NSX via NSXPrime or email us at [email protected]. BTW - donations do not have to be NSX or car related. They can be either product, services or cash.

Event Sponsors:
~ Dent Works ~ Champion Karting ~
~ FastLine Karting ~ TMS Inc. ~
~ Bright Light Tech ~ B-Line Motorsports ~
~ Science of Speed ~ Niguel Motors ~
~ Kinetic Custom Machine ~ Auto Wave ~
~ MovieTime Pro ~
~ Your Company Here ~

~ Event Details ~
(a) This is an NSX ONLY Event! We ONLY allow NSXs on the drive - NO EXCEPTIONS!
(b) The route mapped. Please do not ask for the route, the start or end locations in advance! Start zip code 91214!
(c) The departure time will be at 8:00 AM sharp!
(d) This is NOT an NSXCA Event (membership not required)
(e) You MUST have a "Club Radio" UHF with Frequency 464.55 (NOT FRS or GMRS) Please borrow or rent one - thanks
(f) You MUST have a vehicle inspection performed (forms available soon). Again this year "Self Inspection" is available
Note: CCNSX highly recommends using local NSX mechanics for the vehicle inspection.
(g) You MUST complete and sign all waivers and releases!
(h) This is a paid event - The cost for this event is $30.95 for the driver (includes lunch and raffle) and $29.95 for the passenger (includes lunch). All payments to be made via PayPal only to [email protected] (Please NO eChecks). PayPal Link here! Lunch includes: Tri Tip Beef, Chicken, Italian Sausage, Salad, Potato Salad, Chili Beans and Garlic Bread.
(i) Forms - this year the forms have been merged to be one PDF package, Forms are now available here!
(j) As always the start location will be PMd to "PAID Participants" the evening prior to the drive at 8:00 PM - watch for it!![/B]

CalCoastal NSX is renting radios for the day. The rental costs are:
$14.00 for the day plus a $100.00 refundable deposit* when reserved and paid in advance. Since we cannot predict how many radios we need the "day of event" rental has been removed - reserve your radio today

*Unfortunately the deposit is now required as we have had radios walk away from our events and not returned. Reserve yours ASAP - because we do run out of rentals! To reserve a radio PM CalCoastal NSX via Prime. We will respond by placing a 'R' by your name on the list - thank you.

If there is a "+" by your name we know you own the proper radio for the drive. If there is no "+" by your name PM us to confirm that you either own or are borrowing a radio. Reminder - This drive requires that each vehicle has a UHF radio with the frequency of 464.55. Those with NO Radio by their name need to secure a radio ASAP.

For all you last minute shoppers and fence sitters - we are extending payment until 2:00 PM today (Friday 10/12) and forms receipt until Saturday (10/13) at 11:00 AM for last mail delivery. We will accept electronic forms submission PDF format only. If you submit electronically you MUST bring originals to the meeting on Sunday - TY.

Now the slicing and dicing begins!! When you pay you will be moved up the list in the order that you pay.

All payment records will be validated through PayPal's time stamp.

~ The Hell Yeah I'm Going List ~
1. tbNSX (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
2. ANYTIME +1 (yellow), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
3. si +1 (silver), + PAID
4. FuryNSX (black), + PAID
5. BryziNSX +1 (silver), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
6. LMR +1 (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
7. Akira3d (red), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
8. GO KRT +1 (red), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
9. Mark G +1 (red) R PAID + Forms Rcv'd
10. Liftnot +1 (white), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
11. NSX 888 +1 (silver) R PAID + Forms Rcv'd
12. Theo1 +1 (yellow), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
13. DSTNSX +1 (yellow), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
14. Valhalla +1 (yellow), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
15. CKS Papa +1 (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
16. bboxer +1 (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
17. Ilya +1 (red), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
18. HGL1668 (white), + PAID
19. Powered by Honda +1 (blue), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
20. Mike2la +1 (red), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
21. Gansan (red), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
22. Blood Stone (silver) R PAID + Forms Rcv'd
23. NSX3TEK +1 (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
24. drmanny3 +1 (red), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
25. SPTNSX +1 (red) R PAID + Forms Rcv'd
26. Uwe (black) + PAID
27. AndyH +1 (white), + PAID
28. UFO +1 (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
29. Ca AGNSX (silver), + PAID
30. RQNSX AKA Niguel Motors (black), + PAID
31. Track Addict +1 (black), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
32. WireWizz +1 (silver) R PAID
33. Bright Light Tech +1 (silver), + PAID
34. junior40er +1 (red), + PAID
35. phryxis +1 (white), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
36. Mexiricer +1 (blue), R PAID
37. Joseph +1 (green), + PAID + Forms Rcv'd
38. 93HotMustard +1 (yellow), + PAID
39. 711popcan (silver), + PAID
40. hondahamster +1 R PAID
41. SuperSonic +1 (blue) PAID
42. Blue Batmobile (blue), +PAID + Forms Rcv'd
43. Heartbeat +1 (red) PAID NO Radio- Please send paypal payment for radio
44. dustthisnsx +1 PAID NO Radio- Please send paypal payment for radio
45. Jonathan Allyn +1 (red) PAID + Forms Rcv'd NO Radio- Please send paypal payment for radio (45 Cars!)
45. ss_md +1 (lunch only), + PAID
46. coolNSX (lunch only) PAID
47. ediddynsx (lunch only) PAID
48. Reserved +1, + PAID
49. Reserved (lunch only) PAID
50. Reserved (lunch only) PAID
51. Reserved (lunch only) PAID
52. Reserved (lunch only) PAID
53. Reserved (lunch only) PAID
54. Your Name Here!!
55. Your Name Here!!
56. Your Name Here!!
57. Your Name Here!!
58. Your Name Here!!

1. Water and a snack. Lunch is happening between 12:20 to 2:00P
2. Dramamine or Bonnie for your passenger. We're not going straight folks!
3. Sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and lip balm
4. UHF Radio - only the freq 464.55 MHz
5. Bring your camera and/or camcorder
1. FILL UP with gas BEFORE arriving at "The Meeting Location" (many gas stations close by) DO NOT try to do this drive less than a full tank!!
2. Eat a light breakfast (several places to eat in the local area)
3. Double check your lugnuts, tire tread and oil/coolant levels.
4. Check your turn signals function, both front and back.
5. If you are bringing your own UHF radio, charge it the night before.
6. Make sure your camera has an EMPTY memory card
7. Charge your camcorder or camera, or be sure to bring a DC adapter
8. Take lots of pictures and/or video
9. If you're Conrad, make sure to double check #7 - LOL

By request we have been asked if we can open the Unpaid List to everyone. This will happen TODAY at 5:00 PM. If you have not paid you may miss out!!

~ Unpaid List ~
Jagtiger +1 (black) NO Radio
SexyRed (red) NO Radio
WldNSX +1 NO Radio
nemo121 +1 (white) NO Radio
racer9x NO Radio
SILLYNSX +1 (red) NO Radio
91turboMR2 NO Radio
GruppeM +1 (red), +
Your Name Here!!

Remove Requested
Vega$ NSX
Red Wings

Q - Why we limit the number of people on the drive/lunch?
- This is not just a drive, the event is designed for the entire group. The lunch and raffle are the actual end of the event, not the drive itself. So separating the group would not work. With that being said, we only take the number of people a particular restaurant can accommodate. This year we fell short because the response was overwhelming. As of right now there are 95 people in 53 NSXs that we are trying to squeeze into a venue. There are not too many places that can handle this large number of people. Logistically, it is a nightmare for a restaurant to have 60+ people show up at one time and be ready to serve in a timely manner.
Q - Why does CalCoastal charge for their events?
-We do not charge for the drive itself. The charges are for the lunch that we negotiate in advance and other memorabilia such as shirts, We do this so we can get a firm commitment for the restaurant or to get group pricing on NSX swag. CalCoastal has been doing this for 16 events over the past 11 years and we have a great reputation of putting on quality events. To see last years reviews go here: http://nsxprime.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1486646&postcount=107.
Q - Why does CalCoastal require UHF radios?
-There are two primary reasons that CalCoastal requires the use of UHF radios. 1. Primarily for safety. 2. Because they are the most reliable in changing conditions. The UHF standard was pushed out by the NSXCA for their quality and durability. In many places we drive there is no mobile phone service, two-way radios are the only communication option. Car-to car & group communication is very important for safety. When driving in a group it is helpful to know in advance about road conditions, gravel, water, pedestrians, bicyclists, stalled vehicles, radar alerts and the unfortunate broken down NSX. UHF radios out power FRS or GMRS radios by far so the signal travels further than these weaker powered radios. This is why we recommend 2 watts and higher. We understand that FRS and GMRS radios are less expensive. However, you get what you pay for and in the case of two-way radios this is evident. We would rather see someone purchase a quality radio for $150.00 and have it last 10 years as many do (ask LMR about his Unidens) then to purchase a cheap low quality radio that may only last 3 years. With Internet search, eBay and Craigslist great deals are out there, you just have to look.
Thank you and best regards.
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I might have to make the drive up for this one, but depends on work so I can't commit until later.

Update: I won't be able to make it. :(
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