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16 front and 16 rear

11 March 2011
Erie, CO
Has anyone run the early 16x8 rear wheels up front, running 225s, and the same size wheel in the rear running either 255 or 265s?

Curious to see; I have the wheels and would like to hear what folks say about the mix.
i would not recommend this. here's why...

1. even though you CAN squeeze a 255 or 265 tire on an 8 inch rim, that doesn't make it a good (or safe) idea. the sidewalls will be pinched and the tires get a bit floppy when the sidewalls have been compromised that way. remember that the 94-01 cars had 245 tires on an 8.5" rim, and the 02+ cars had 255 tires on a 9" rim. with a 255/265 squeezed on an 8 inch rim, you are really only getting the grip of a 225/235 tire (i.e. the correct size tire for an 8" rim). so if you think of the balance that creates... you will have rather low levels of rear grip.

2. there may be gearing concerns based on the rolling diameter of the rear tires and the front/rear ratio.
There several additional problems you're going to run into.

First, 225/45-16 tires in front are too big and they're going to rub, big-time.

Second, the front needs narrower tires, usually 205/45-16 or 215/45-16. A 205/45-16 cannot safely be mounted on a 16x8 wheel. And tire choices for the NSX are very limited in 215/45-16, which is why a lot of folks use 205/45-16.

Third, the hub and center bore diameter is larger in the front than in the rear. So you won't be able to mount a rear wheel in the front, unless you have the center bored out to a greater diameter.

Fourth, the offset is higher in the rear than in the front, so a rear wheel may rub on the suspension or the inside of the wheel well unless you get spacers. And spacers have their own downsides to deal with.

Bottom line is, it's just a bad idea for a whole lot of reasons. That's why nobody is doing this.
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