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1991 Acura NSX - what do you guys think? JH4NA1155MT002316

looks like a reasonable price if all the maintenence work has been done..
What's the deal with the gas tank cover in the picture?

I wonder what the letters on the headrest say (it seems to read "black", if so it's exceptionally stupid).

There is a huge rock chip on the left headlight cover that they have not bothered to cover up.

The red "Acura" badging is fugly. The front bumper is not aligned. I would say it's been in at least a front end crash.

It may have had some rear end problems too. The rear spoiler does not fit flush. The "Acura" lettering has disappeared on the rear end. Combined with the front red "Acura" symbol it looks retarded.

The interior carpet looks filty, not well taken care of at all. I'd be surprised if it only had 56k miles.

The car's had some very distasteful mods done to it, it seems like.

The pictures are beyond blurry, simply crap.

The price is not bad for the mileage, but I would have the car very closely inspected if I was at all serious. I suspect some problems with the car, or they would not have priced it so low.
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I just bought one and one thing to remember is titles can be washed. I'd highly recommend taking the vehicle to a local body shop and have them do a frame and body inspection. They'd be able to tell you if there's any welds and body work done that shouldn't be there (about $100). I'd also have a mechanical inspection done by your local Acura they'll tell you if there's any problems with the engine, trans and rear end and if it any maintenance appears to be needed (less than $150). Also, if you can get it, find out were all maintence has been done. The person your buying it from should know who the previous owner was, and I'd recommend talking with that person since they'll be more likely to tell you about any problems with the vehicle.

I just had a $2K maintenance done and I negotiated most of that cost into the final price of the car.

Good luck,
the pictures in there are too blurry to tell if anything is wrong with it....tell them to send you high-resolution pics....