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1991 MR2 Turbo w/spares


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15 May 2005
Knoxville, TN
I've owned this car for 14 years now, but everything has it's price and until I get my garage built, I simply don't have the facilities right now to take care of both of my rather needy charges to the standards I would like.

If you're interested, please PM. I check this board often during the day and will respond promptly.

Asking $6700 for everything listed (including the ~$1400 in tires alone).
The only trades I would consider would be a Honda S2000 (I would add cash obviously, but would prefer not to go over $10,000 incl trade), A Subaru 2.5RS in solid mechanical condition (probably looking at a straight trade there), or an absolutely original, and relatively immaculate AE86 hatchback GTS. A spec E30 legal bimmer with a cage already in it (or everything but the cage) could also be convincing.

This MR2 is set up as a C-Stock Autocross car as well as a competent track rat*. The '91/'92 cars will never be competitive nationally because of the wheel/tire limitations, but this car, in the right hands, does well regionally. With a little work, it'd be a viable mid-engined alternative to tracking your NSX.

So. What's for sale:

  • One 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo "Sport Roof" with 195,xxx miles on it as of the time of this typing. It's my daily car, so that will increase. Original color is 3J6 Crimson Red, but it is currently matte black courtesy of plasti-dip (which peels off like vinyl should you want to for-real paint the car).

    1. Suspension Techniques front sway bar. The bracing plates are installed, and I also had gussets welded in where the end-links attach to the struts to eliminate that point of failure.
    2. Koni "Yellow" single-adjustable shocks + adjusting tool
    3. EMSPowered Harness bar with 5-pt G-Force Harnesses installed.
    4. Brass Shift linkage bushings.
    5. Toyota Camber Bolts (1 each corner) allowing -1.5 degrees of camber as it sits.
    6. TRD Shift Knob
    7. Aftermarket head unit w/audio-in, and MP3CD compatibility
    8. 2x 8" Kicker subs in custom sheet-metal boxes. These are on quick-releases so I could pick them out for autocrosses & track events. (original behind-seat boxes included in sale)
    9. Goodridge SS brake lines
    10. Axxis Ultimate pads
    11. TRD Thermostat
    12. TRD pressure cap
    13. K&N drop-in filter
  • One set of 14" OEM wheels with Toyo R888 tires (205F/225R) with probably more than 50% life left.
  • One set of 14" OEM wheels with Hoosier A6 tires (205F 225R) with only ~20 Autocross runs on them.
  • One set of 14" OEM wheels, three of which have rather toasted Kumho V710s on them. The 4th wheel has a gash in it that doesn't impact it's ability to hold air in a tire, but that I've never put back on the car because I had three other sets of wheels....
  • A spare gearset. I cracked a transmission case, replaced the case over the original gearset, this is the gearset from another OEM non-LSD transmission.
  • Known-Good CT26 Turbo (aside from the one that's on the car).
  • Extra mechanical gauge pod.
  • Everything required to return the car to bone-stock condition including interior storage box, stock 5.25" sub enclosure. (except for original shocks & head unit, but you didn't want them anyway...)

What you need to know:
The good:
  • Clean title, no lien
  • Runs and drives perfectly fine for daily use.
  • Heater is hot, AC is cold
  • Interior is in better-than-average condition, no major rips, tears, or stains.
  • All electronics work except for the Oil Level Sensor. It's been unplugged & jumpered after the second ~$300 sensor failed in less than 6 months. The dipstick is completely functional.
  • T-Tops don't leak. As with any car like this, it can happen, but I've regularly treated the gaskets to silicone grease, so they aren't particularly prone.
  • Standard Maintenance is up to date:
    • Timing Belt, Oil Pump, Water Pump (all OEM, no parts-store junk) all within last 10K miles. (3SGTE is a non-interference engine, just FYI).
    • Oil Changed religiously (just last weekend in fact)
    • Brake fluid has been flushed regularly with Motul RBF600 (i.e. the good stuff, so it won't boil....ever)
    • Head gasket replaced & head rebuilt within last 10k miles
    • Heater core was replaced within the past 5k miles
  • I have a huge stack of receipts & documents on this car showing everything done since 114k miles, and most of what was done before that.

The Bad:
  • It needs paint. No rust at all, but the clear coat is toast. That's why the hood & wing are primered and the canopy is rattle-canned.
  • It probably needs new suspension bushings as things are starting to clunk a bit when the weather gets cold. Prothane kits are ~$80.
  • The turbo that's on the car needs to be taken apart, cleaned, and re-sealed. No shaft play, but it makes more noise than it should, and the water passages are gummed up with old stop-leak.
    This is why there's another turbo included with sale.
  • It's likely that the coolant pipes under the car are leaking slightly
    *As a result of the above two items, the car will not currently tolerate track use. You can DD it or Autocross it all day long, but it will not run more than a few laps flat-out before the coolant system gets vapor locked.
  • The reverse lights are burned out currently
  • The shift boot has a couple of holes
  • There is ground loop noise in the stereo

So, there you have it. I'd be willing to deliver the car within a reasonable distance of Knoxville, TN for the full asking price. If you want to haggle, you can come to me :D

Coulple of Current Pics (Yes, that's a car painted entirely in plasti-dip, yes it's a very even matte finish, yes, you can peel it off like vinyl when you want to go back and re-paint the car):


What it looks like once you peel off the current coating.



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