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Exterior 1992 Acura NSX drivers side door handle 175$ plus 10$ shipping

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24 November 2016
houston tx
Here is a nice drivers side door handle from 1992 NSX. It is not brand new but its is pretty nice it works perfectly fine it opens door instantly with no free play.( Worn out door handles have free play when you open the door) The least amount i have every seen these sell for is 300$ But I always sell my stuff for a lot more fair price I am selling it for 175$ and 10$ shipping if you need it shipped. If you like more pictures please text me at 281 968 4993 i can send much better pictures These pictures are from a 2003 old digital camera. they look so much better from my phone. any questions will be gladly answered thank you
The door handle is now sold thank you nsx prime please remove the ad it is now sold to NSX prime please remove the ad when you get a chance thank you
Not open for further replies.