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1992 Lhd Nsx For Sale - As New (no Really)

8 August 2005

For sale 1992 (J) NSX 3.0 manual. I am selling this on behalf of my mother-in-law, whose husband recently passed away. This totally mint, original NSX was personally imported by my father from Kuwait, where he worked for the main Honda agent. It has only 11 000 kms (that's only 7 000 miles) since new. It has FSH, been garaged all its life and has only been out on the road on the finest of sunny days. Current MOT & fully UK registered (Personal plate that includes 'NSX', but not that valuable). The only alteration is that the catalytic converter was removed as there was no unleaded fuel available in Kuwait at the time of purchase! I can email some pictures, but honestly you could look at a brochure picture and you'd be looking at the same car, its just like new!). This car has great sentimetal value to our family, but it must go. £18 000. If you want more details PM me & I'll send you my phone & email address.



brett.dot nicolle @at primesite .dot net

(PS Also for sale 1948 Triumph Roadster, 1949 Series one Landrover, 1938 BSA Bantam & 2003 Nissan Nivara)
That car is worth WELL OVER what you are asking....you may want to reconsider that price as you could get buyers quickly even at a higher number. It would really stink to sell it on the cheap to someone that is just going to flip it and profit anyway....you may as well keep that money for yourself or family.
Could you post some more pictures on the hole body from different angles, please?
Hello Brett, are you still selling the car ?? I own a 1992 yellow NSX, LHD,
bought last November in UK, and a friend of me saw my car and now want to
have a NSX too.
Regards Ralf