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1992 NSX coupe White/Black 5-Speed 139300 JH4NA1154NT000784

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4 July 2014

Car: 1992 Acura NSX Grand Prix White
Title: Clean
Condition: Excellent
Location: Bristow, VA
Mileage: 139,xxx
Owners: 3
VIN #: JH4NA1154NT000784

Price: $55,000 or best offer
Contact: PM or Call/Text


Additional pictures available: https://www.flickr.com/photos/13586794@N05/albums/72157688532935862

I am selling my very clean original Grand Prix White NSX. The car is in stunning shape and a very rare color. Although this car has 139,xxx miles, it is in exceptionally good condition and has been garage kept and cared for its entire life. This car shows better than most NSX’s with 1/3 of the miles on them. Excellent care has been taken on the exterior of the vehicle and the paint is clean and shows well throughout. My goal with this car was to have the perfect representation of a NA1 car. This build is what I would call OEM-plus. The thought was to have the car OEM as possible while making improvements in handling, sound, and most importantly, long term reliability.

I brought the car to renowned NSX specialist Ben Schaeffer of Daisy Import Auto for a complete overhaul. Ben has serviced NSXs around the world and has been working on them since 1994. Referred to by many as the “NSX whisperer”, Ben has specifically worked on NSX for decades and is one of the leading authorities on all things NSX. I had Ben preform a complete OEM spec engine rebuild and overhaul. All OEM components were used with the exception of parts that will increase the longevity and durability of the car.

Improvements include Cometic head gaskets, APR head studs, SOS lost motion assemblies, SOS clutch slave hose kit, and a SOS High Volume Oil Pump with Oversized Billet Steel Gear set. These improvements address known problem areas in the C30A engine and make this motor bulletproof. The engine was cleaned, balanced, honed, and reassembled with brand new OEM rings and bearings. The cylinder heads also received a complete OEM rebuild with all new valve stem seals. The engine received a brand-new water pump, timing belt, cam angle sensor, all new seals and gaskets, fuel filter, o2 sensors, balanced and blueprinted injectors, and all new belts. The rebuild was planned using Ben’s extensive knowledgebase on faults in these motors and no expenses were spared to ensure this car sees another 25 years of life.

The transmission is not in snap ring range. The clutch was replaced 30,000 miles ago with an OEM replacement. The CV boots, transmission seals, clutch master, and clutch slave cylinder were all replaced at the time of the engine rebuild. The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinds or abnormalities.

To improve on the concept of the perfect NA1 NSX, the car was improved with later model NSX wheels, Bilstien shocks, and 15mm/25mm wheel spacers to finish the look. We also updated the car with NA2 headers for better flow and to stick with the OEM-plus theme. The interior is in excellent condition and updated with Zanardi floor mats. The radio maintains the OEM look and but has been completely upgraded by Wilmans Electronics to support USB/Iphone connections. The door and floor amplifiers have also been rebuilt by Brian Kiehnau. The window cable retainers have also been upgraded to resolve the common breakage issue with them. The car has a Taitek GT exhaust which is quiet and sounds great. The brakes have been upgraded with a set of very rare Tarox 10 piston front/6 piston rear brakes. These brakes are gorgeous, work incredible, and fit comfortably behind OEM wheels, even without spacers.

NA1 NSX’s have been on the road for a long time and many cars for sale have looming maintenance issues that are unknown. I chose Ben Schaeffer because his 25 years of experience working on these cars. Together we came up with a plan to for this car to be trouble free and in exceptional running order for a very long time. There are very few NSX’s on the road today that have been as thoroughly updated and maintained as this. Condition wise, this car shows exceptionally well. The car really stands out even in a crowd of other NSX’s. Ben has worked on hundreds of NSXs and could not believe the condition of the car when he first saw it.

I really love this car and am very happy with the final product. However, I am selling it because the car just doesn’t suit me and I will be returning to P car life.


I have receipts for the work performed and will make the car available for pre-purchase inspection at the buyers expense.


I have receipts for the work performed and the car is available for pre-purchase inspection at the buyers expense.


I am offering the car at $55,000 or best offer. Cash or bank check only. Not interested in trades.


I am offering the car at $55,000 or best offer. Cash or bank check only. Not interested in trades. Clean title in hand.

Miles will climb slightly as I will enjoy driving it until it sells. I am offering it here first before listing in on Bring A trailer in the spring.

Complete OEM Rebuilt C30A engine by Ben Schaeffer of Daisy Import Auto (original engine to car)
- Full engine rebuild top and bottom end
- All new bearings, rings, seals, belts, and gaskets throughout the engine
- OEM cleaned and balanced fuel injectors
- New OEM cam angle sensor
- New OEM o2 sensors
- New OEM Fuel filter
- New coolant hoses
- Completely rebuilt cylinder heads with new valve stem seals
- New A/C compressor
- Daisy Import Auto upgraded negative battery terminal
- Upgrade SOS Lost Motion Assemblies
- Upraded SOS clutch slave kit
- Upgraded SOS Oil Pump
- Upgraded APR Head studs
- Upgraded Cometic head gaskets
- Upgraded Daisy Auto battery terminal setup
- Updated NA2 headers
- Taitek GT Exhaust

OEM Clutch replacement at 110,909 miles
New OEM transmission input and axle side seals
New clutch master cylinder
New clutch slave cylinder
New OEM CV axle boots

94-01 OEM NSX 16/17 Wheels with Bridgestone RE11 tires

15/25mm Wheels Spacers
Tein Springs
Bilstien Shocks
Dali Racing Sway Bars
SOS Non Compliance Toe Links
Tarox 10 Piston Front/6 Piston Rear Big Brake Kit

Wilmans Electronic upgraded OEM headunit
Rebuilt door and floor amplifiers
Zanardi floor mats

NSX Keyless entry system
Aluminum window clips


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