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1993 NSX 3.0L - Red/Black - 25K mi - 5 spd - Mint - #JH4NA1155PT000277

19 October 2012
Philadelphia, PA
1993 Acura NSX
COLOR (EXT/INT): Red/Black
CONTACT VIA: [email protected] or cell: (215) 681-3190
PRICE: $35,000


CLEAN TITLE? Yes, in hand




MAINTENANCE HISTORY & DO YOU HAVE DOCUMENTATION? All history as well as some original purchase documentation from 1993

For more than 20 pictures see the EBAY Listing

It is with much pleasure (and a little bit of sadness) that I bring to you my baby. This is my 1993 Acura NSX 3.0L with just 25K original miles. I am planning a move cross country and it won't be feasible for me to keep it any longer so I hope it's next owner has as much fun with her as I did. This is a private sale and this was my personal car for the past 5 years, however, it was never my daily driver and I only put 3K miles on it during my time with the car. Let me say this clearly, "This is the nicest, cleanest, 20 year old NSX you will find, period." I owned a car dealership for many years so I know about cars and what to look for. I babied this car like no other. It never once saw a drop of rain, has been garage kept under cover when not in use, was only serviced at Acura of Ardmore, PA, and only needed oil changes and and filters. It's ready to be driven cross country.


I purchased the vehicle from a gentleman in NC and had it shipped to me. I was amazed at how clean and nice it was. I have been sure to keep it up. I live in downtown Philadelphia and never parked it near other cars. It was always kept in a private, suburban garage under cover. The engine, transmission, clutch, are all in fantastic shape. There are of course no engine lights or anything like that. You'll certainly be the talk of the town in this one. It was always serviced at the local Acura dealer and I became friends with their lead mechanic. He stated it was the nicest (older) NSX he had ever worked on. I have all the service records from the previous owners and from me as well. I only needed oil changes (always synthetic) and a new air filter. Again, I only drove the car about 600 miles a year. The cars always starts up with no problems and it is sound condition. It comes with a very nice after-market exhaust system and rims. I was going to change over to the factory but liked the after-market so much I just kept them. I do have the stock rims and exhaust at my house and will include for free (you just pay for shipping and handling) of them.


You won't find a more well-kept NSX period. I would rate this a 9.9 out of 10. There is absolutely no paint work and the car has never been hit. I included 2 parts on the car where there is a small paint chip on the front left bumper and small scuff mark on one of the rims. These are extremely minor but I thought necessary to let you know. Again, the car is as mint as they come. It was recently professionally detailed and really shines. The pictures don't even do it justice. The tires have good tread remaining but since I rarely drove the car there maybe a couple of dead spots on the tires, these usually work themselves out though after driving. I don't believe you would need to replace them. There are absolutely no drips or issues with leaks. The car is amazing.


Most NSX's get wear in their interior from use (especially on the driver's shoulder rest) but this one is great. The black leather looks as new as if were on the showroom floor. It was recently detailed and it looks as good as new. The AC blows cold, all of the power options are working fine, the heat works well too. All of the gauges are working with no issue and there are no 'check engine' lights or anything like that. The radio does not work. I purchased it this way. The amp would need to be replaced (info from the previous owner) but I always just used my iPod or went without music. Everything inside is completely stock and looks terrific.


It took me about a year to find this car as I would only purchase an NSX that had been garage kept and had all of its service records. I can't explain how important this is. I know that the previous owners took great care of the car and I did the same. I also wanted one that was stock or as close to stock as possible. I actually like the after-market exhaust and rims BETTER than the factory but have the rims and exhaust here if you want them. Note: The exhaust is in my home and I am pretty sure that I have all of the pieces but won't guarantee that I may not have a part or two, but I will not charge any extra (except shipping charges) for them. You simply won't find a nicer NSX available. Feel free to reach me at (215) 681-3190, if I'm unavailable just leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the car. You can also reach me at [email protected] but I am best by phone. Again, I am planning a big move and simply can't justify keeping the car if I won't really be using it. I really hope it goes to a great home and is enjoyed. Thanks for reading!


$1000 Non-Refundable deposit (via certified check, money order) is required within 3 days of close. Remainder is due (via certified check) within 7 days. Buyer is responsible for handing delivery or vehicle may be picked up. Buyer is responsible for all transaction fees associated with purchase (title, temp tag fees, registration fees). Additional fees for exhaust/rims if desired. Vehicle is sold AS-IS with no warranty implied. All transactions are final.


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