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1993 NSX coupe White/Black 5-Speed 116042 JH4NA1155PT000408

17 July 2015
Car Information
NSX coupe
Exterior color:
Interior color:
45,999 OBO

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Torrance, CA

Maintenance Information
Previous owner maintained regular maintenance with Ramon at Niguel Motors. Timing belt, Valve adjustment, and replaced all hoses at 69k miles. Newly replaced items by previous owner include: Brake master cylinder, Clutch, Coolant overflow tank, Premium Paint job in original white color, new OEM Windshield and Rear Light assemblies installed with paint, clear bra in front installed after paint so No paint chips! Engine cover surface treatment. I bought it at roughly 113,000 miles and at 114,000, I replaced the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, crank pulley, cam plugs, oil filter, fuel filter, AC compressor belt, NGK spark plugs, as well as the main relay (no prior issue with it - just changed it out). Oil change was done with Royal Purple 10W30 as well as a coolant flush. Smog check just passed on 1/29/18 and good for 90 days.

Re-posting since original post was deleted by mods. Vin# is correct as I double checked it with my car and registration. Also, there are no accidents reported on the Carfax but the previous owner did state that he spun out and hit his rear bumper with a tree or something. Let me just say that there is NO FRAME damage. He stated that there was minor damage to the bumper. I did a thorough check on the frame and there are ZERO issues. It was a minor accident and he had everything fixed. You can come do a full inspection if you want to.

When I first bought the car, I told anyone and everyone that I would never sell it. Unfortunately, due to my 60 mile round trip commute and now having a Tesla Model X with autopilot, the NSX hardly gets any driving time. Since buying it at 113,000 miles, I have put on only about 3,000 miles. I'm sad but this car definitely needs a new home with someone that will be able to drive it a lot more than I was able to.
I am the 4th owner. The previous owner was from Newport Beach, CA and purchased the car in 2005 with 64k miles. The car came with NSX-R chassis bars, NSX-R front sway bar, NSX-R badging, Late model lower rear valence, Zeal coil-over suspension (corner balanced), Powdercoated & forged Prodrive ultra-lite racing wheels, Tai Tec GT Parallel exhaust in stainless steel, quick rev 7 lb. Fidanza flywheel, short shift kit, and a custom aluminum shift knob. Since purchasing it, I have added JDM Honda center tail light, installed HID headlights, SOS interior door handles, Carbon fiber dash and door overlays, added titanium lug nuts, Downforce NSX-R Carbon Fiber spoiler, Honda branded airbag, Chrome oil cap cover (SOS), Carbon fiber valve cover (SOS), stubby antenna, replaced engine hatch and trunk struts, and LED interior lights. In addition, the windows were both functioning fine but I had the window regulators fixed during HugaBuga's Socal window fix tour. The leather covers on the seats were replaced with new covers as well as the BOSE subwoofer amp.

The car runs great and is in superb condition. Previous owner said he had the car re-sprayed and had a clear bra installed on the front portion of the car which is still intact. No leaks, no rust (except for the hood latch piece on the hood). Windows roll up and down perfectly. Car pulls hard - as it should and no other known mechanical issues. Interior is 9/10. Everything is clean with no cracks or rips on any of the leather. Headliner is in good condition with only one of the visors starting to bulge a little bit.

The (not so) bad:Exterior is a 8.5/10 with a few minor issues. There are two areas on the exterior where there is damage.On the driver’s door, there are some paint chips on the edge.Previous owner said he backed the car out with the door slightly open and hit something.I never got around to fixing it.On the lower part of the rear bumper, there is a small dent.Other than that, the exterior is perfectly clean!Although I replaced the BOSE Sub amp, the radio is still kind of finicky.All speakers work but occasionally there is some static.To be honest, I never use the radio so it never bothered me.The suspension is tight with the ZEAL coilovers but there is a rattle coming somewhere from the front but I have not been able to locate the issue but it does not affect the suspension or the driving of the car. Could possibly be the front sway bar end links or just something loose and rattling. Rear tires will probably need to be replaced soon. I've noticed a little issue as of late. The car will ALWAYS start but 2 or 3 times out of 10, it will not start on the first turn. Second turn usually always starts up. When it happens, it makes a little clicking sound. The engine does not even try to start up. Possible a battery issue or an ignition problem. ***ISSUE WITH THE STARTING IS NOW FIXED. IT WAS A BAD IGNITION SWITCH THAT I JUST HAD REPLACED WITH A BRAND NEW ONE. NO MORE STARTING ISSUES!*** ***ISSUE WITH RATTLING NOW FIXED AS WELL. TURNED OUT THAT THE HID BALLAST WAS NOT SECURE AND RATTLING AROUND***

If you have any questions that I haven't answered, please feel free to PM me. I'm not in a rush to sell but would love to have it go to a good home. Car is located in Torrance, CA and we can arrange for an in person showing if you are interested.


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BUMP! Throw me an offer if you're interested.

Priced lowered!
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Yes, its still available.
I believe the whole car was resprayed. Aside from the paint chips on the driver door edge and the little spot on the rear bumper, the paint is in awesome condition. For anyone still thinking that the tree accident is some huge frame damage issue, I urge to you come look at the car yourself and look under the car. There is absolutely NO frame damage or evidence of frame repair.
Issue with the starting was diagnosed and fixed. It was a bad ignition switch that I had swapped out for a brand new one. No longer an issue.
Issue with rattling in the front end resolved. Turned out to be a loose headlight ballast.
Bump, car is still for sale!
I am very interested in your car but I am new to the site and cant find the option to pm can you pm me with your email or contact info thanks
I am very interested in your car but I am new to the site and cant find the option to pm can you pm me with your email or contact info thanks