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1993 White/Black NSX Vin#JH4NA115XPT000310

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7 May 2009
Mileage: 17,200
Transmission: 5-Speed
Location: Lynden, Washington
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: 817-301-9232
Price: $36,900 OBO


After seeing the first live NSXes in a showroom in Scottsdale, AZ in 1991, I knew that this was the car I had to someday have. I've owned quite a few cars, but the NSX was the only one I ever really fell in love with. I didn't want to purchase a new one at the time, and also didn't want one of the first model years, although I really liked the look of the original design. The 1993 model year held everything I needed: Major bugs worked out (no snap ring problem), first with passenger side airbag, first with cup holder and last year of completely original design. They changed a few things in '94, but not many - the main being the wheel design.

After waiting a number of years and moving around a bit, I finally decided to find one. I was seeking a light colored car, because of the sharp contrast with the black bubble (top). I was actually looking for Sebring silver, but most importantly, it was the low miles and condition that was of the utmost importance. After looking all over the country for almost 5 years, one happened to pop up in the same general area where I happened to be living. I was out of town when I found it, came home that night, went to look it over and bought it on the spot. For whatever the reason, White/Black w/ Manual Transmission, is a fairly rare color combination. 1992=215, 1993=84, 1994=20 and only a smattering reappeared much later on.

This Car

The car was originally purchased by a wealthy individual from Plano, TX, who had a vacation home in Pensacola Beach, FL. His wife saw the car in a Pensacola showroom in 1993, and had to have it. She got it, but didn't really drive it much because it was a stick shift. It sat in their garage for awhile in Florida before they finally decided to bring it home to Plano, TX. They drove it very little and then traded it in on another Lexus, of which they have many. I bought the car from Park Place, in Plano, with about 9,800 miles on it. I'm the second owner.

This car has been babied and in a garage its' entire life. It has also been under Carcraft cover since I've owned it. It has only seen rain drops once on the way home. It is water-sponge bathed and polished, and has only had actual car soap on it three times. Other than a couple of tiny rock chips on the front bumper and on the rear rocker panels, the original paint has no blemishes. It is immaculate original, with never a touchup. The interior is basically almost flawless, and has the most mint condition bolsters you'll ever find. It has to do with how you (and your passenger) enter and exit the car, every time. The bolsters should never be touched.


There are only two places in the U.S. that have been known to produce continuously dependable quality results with rebuilding the NSX Bose stereo systems. One is in Florida and the other is in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. As it so happened, Willman's Electronics (972.496.9999) just so happened to be an hour across town from my former residence in Texas. Darryl Willman happens to be known as the guru of NSX stereo components and systems. Darryl himself, and I, personally spent several years systematically rebuilding the entire system of this car with new or freshly overhauled OEM components. The Bose system in this car is now completely redone to better than factory new specs in original equipment. People do complain about the stereo systems in these cars, but when they're done right, they sound pretty awesome. This one is fantastic now. Not many NSXes can boast this.

The car has been maintained for the entire time I've owned it, plus, by Goodson Acura (972) 554.0505. The service consultant is Richard Furcht, and the only mechanic to touch it was Curtis, a master NSX mechanic. Besides all the regular scheduled maintenance that has to be done, we've installed a SmarTenna (From DaliRacing - so the antenna doesn't go up every time you turn on the stereo to listen to a CD), new lift back shock struts, new water pump, new timing belt, new valve cover gaskets, new engine coolant tank, all belts and hoses, new battery and 4 new Yokohama factory original OEM tires. It has had a lot of money and TLC spent on it, especially since I've owned it.


After all this, I drove the car from Dallas to the Florida panhandle and back over a week, which is the only road trip the car has ever been on since I've owned it. The mileage was just under 15K when I left, and was just under 17K, upon returning. It performed even better than flawlessly, and was much more comfortable on a long trip than I ever dreamed it would be. I drive cross-country a lot.

We moved from Texas to Washington State between 2007-2008. EVT (Enclosed Vehicle Transport - 888.827.6799) of Cumming, Georgia, transported the car from Texas to Washington State for us last summer. They did a fine job. That alone was almost $3K. It now resides in our aircraft hangar at the Lynden Municipal Airport, along with other cars. I'm kind of an OEM freak, if you haven't figured that out. It you're looking for a car like this, you will not be disappointed with this one. It is about a 9.9 inside and out.

Unfortunately, it is time to pass this fine specimen on to another caretaker. I have uploaded the maximum number of pictures here, but there is a photo album on NSX Prime in the Gallery section, where you can view about 66 pictures of it. My name on the site is NovemberSierraXray, and the album is named: Casper - (what we call the car). I wanted to first offer this car to select individuals who might really appreciate it, those of you on NSXPrime. After about 30 days or so, I will be offering it to the general public. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, either by phone or e-mail. Thanks for looking.

No. of Owners: (2)
Clean Title: Yes
Clean Carfax: Yes
Accidents: None
Body/Paint Work: None
Maintenance History: Complete since I've owned it.
Condition of Wearables: Excellent, everything's just been done.
Mods: (1), SmarTenna, otherwise stock, all OEM.


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