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1995 chrome wheels

6 June 2003
Angleton, Texas
I have a 1995 red nsx with chrome wheels. My wife says they look too bling bling for the car. What are some 16/17 wheels I could get without having to buy 17/18's and lowering the car. the roads here in Dallas are bad enough so I don't really want to lower the nsx. I do have spacers in the front and back so it gives it a wider stance.
my other option is to find someone who wants chrome wheels instead of their stock ones???
I have a black 96, and on it the Chrome wheels look OK,


but I'm thinking about changing anyway (grass is greener syndrom, or just upgrade-itis?). With a red car, I think you're right- silver might be quite a bit better, for example.

You don't need to lower the car to run 17/18, and there are some decent sets at fairly moderate cost, like the OZ racing. You could combine a 17/18 fitment with new Yoko ES100 for under $2K from Tire Rack, for example.


OZ Superleggera

But if you've got more money to burn, then there are many nice forged sets to chose from- Dali, SOS, and others have many to offer. I like the Bridgestone Prodrive GC-07C


They're reminescent of late model OEM's, but more stylish.
Stock wheels

Kenny York said:
my other option is to find someone who wants chrome wheels instead of their stock ones?
If, other than the chrome finish, you’re happy with the stock wheels, I think it would be best to just get some non-chrome ones. They look nice and are of a high quality.

Trading your chromes for regular finish would be ideal and the option I would try to pursue first. However, if you can’t find someone who wants to trade, I doubt you will loose much money (if any at all) by buying a set of 16/17 then selling your chrome ones later.