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Intake 1995 Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body with KING Motorsports bore modification

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Feb 20, 2011
San Jose, CA
$500 Shipped in the US. NorCal local pickup $450. (International will need a separate shipping charge)

This 1995 DBW Throttle Body has the King Motorsports flow modification (cost me $175 + shipping at the time). New Liquid Gasket was applied to the throttle plate. See pictures below.

The DBW Position Motor on this is exhibiting creep. This means that the idle "hunts". Revs bounce from 800-1200 in a slow, rhythmic pattern.

The Throttle Position Sensor seems to be just fine. The car will rev to glorious VTEC range with no issue, and throttle response is as good as it ever was.

Someone who knows more than I do may be able to make this thing perfect again (or has the DBW motor to swap in.) Its a damn shame, because its shiny & clean. As-is, there are many scenarios of NSX that could use this.

A new OEM DBW whole throttle body unit is silly expensive ($1100+ last time I checked).

I am selling this part AS-IS... I'd love to figure out how to fix the idle issue, but I just don't have the time these days with a baby!

I will ship the part out in an OEM Honda box that you would get a new OEM Part in. The used Intake Manifold Mounting Gasket is included.

I will answer questions as best I can; I haven't had the part in the car for 3 years. Time to give it a decent home!

PM me if interested. Thanks for reading!