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Laggy/Lazy Electronic Throttle Body

4 June 2012
Manchester, NH
Hi All,
I have a '95 which I've owned for over 10 years now. I love the car, and drive it every chance I get (which in new England means April-November...when it's not raining, of course). It has just about 140K miles on it, and lives a truly pampered life.
This issue is certainly not a big deal, but compared to my 2019 Mustang GT (winter bomb/inclement weather daily driver), the throttle response when blipping the throttle is very lazy. The Mustang has the response of an old school throttle cable on a carburetor...very snappy and direct. I realize the car is pushing 30 years old and the '95 was the first year to use the electronic throttle body, so old age/old tech, but has anyone found a simple fix that increases response? I suspect the newer NSXs were probably better, but swapping in a late NA2 throttle body probably wouldn't play nice with the '95 ECU.
Again, this minor annoyance in no way affects the drivability of the car, but I'd appreciate any feedback from the NSX gurus on here.
the throttle response when blipping the throttle is very lazy.

They're all like that -- even the older cars with a mechanical throttle linkage -- because of the relatively heavy flywheel. It doesn't actually affect the car's acceleration in any significant way; at worst, it might slow the 5MPH-45MPH time in first gear by a fraction.

If you want the engine to accelerate faster in Neutral so it sounds racier, a lighter flywheel will help, perhaps at the expense of a little drivability and idle smoothness.
Thanks guys. I assumed it was one of those "live with it" things, but figured it didn't hurt to ask.

No...not trying to be "Ricky Racer" at stoplights or anything. You're right...it doesn't noticeably affect the acceleration at all...mostly an annoyance when launching up a hill from a dead stop and trying to feather the throttle.

I appreciate the feedback.

Not to hijack this thread and I think this might be a related concern, but I despise the "throttle hang" my car has where the engine RPM stays elevated after you drop the throttle and clutch in. I had heard anecdotally that the "throttle hang" as I call it, is written in the throttle mapping for some kind of emissions reason or another, but I hate it as it makes it look/sound like you can't drive a manual transmission very well. Anyone know of a fix for this, or is it something else we just need to live with?