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1997 NSX shop manual missing 11-109 through 11-117

8 March 2006
Huntsville, AL
I am looking for testing procedures related to DBW and accelerator position sensor contained in chapter 11-109 through 11-117 (DTC code p1243 on 11-53 refers specifically to 11-111)

I have downloaded and viewed multiple versions of the 97 and 97+ manual (including purchased CD) and every version stops at 11-108 and picks up at 11-118

anyone have these missing pages or can tell me what i am missing?


Both the free .pdf versions of the 1997+ service manual are missing lots of pages - a lot more than just the pages in sections 11. The 1997 Electrical Trouble Shooting Manual shows the electrical connections for the DBW system; but, it provides no guidance on how the system works or how to diagnose problems with the system. That is covered in the main 1997 service manual - a paper copy with all the pages. Unfortunately, the market price of the 1997 paper service manual has followed the market price of the NSX. If you are going to keep your NSX and do your own work on it you should probably get a paper manual while you still can.

I would offer to scan the section of the SM covering the DBW system diagnosis; but, my SM is in the trunk of my car which is now in secure storage.
Thanks for the reply - I will get my hands on the paper version (I was hoping the paid digital copy on cd would be complete but it is obviously not