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1998 spa yellow VIn#JH4NA1263WT00011 Savanah, GA

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2 April 2004
Savannah, GA
I am selling my 1998 spa yellow NSX. The Jaguar I had a deal on got sold and the trade in with it. The new deal I am looking at has a slightly lower trade in offer so I am reducing my price as well. I will take $20,500. It has 170,000 miles. 2 extra sets of wheels with tires one of which is a set of slicks. This car has been an excellent car for me. I have found the next car I want and they offered me a good trade. if I don't sell quickly I will trade as soon as the new car arrives in savannah. I have tracked this car but it has been well taken care of. Interior is black. I have owned it since around the end of 2000 and it had 22,000 miles when I got it. I have had 3 small accidents a wheel hit the front driver side, I spun after hydroplaning and tagged the rear and a guy pulled in front of me. The last accident was very minor and i actually still have that front end at the house as it could be easily fixed but i wanted a different front end. The rear accident broker the spoiler, tail lights and bent the exhaust which i replaced with an anytime exhaust. First accident dented in the front quarter panel and the drivers headlight all was replaced and the car looks great. While only the portions that were hit were repainted the paint overall is in great condition with only some small dings from the road see the pictures that are recent 1 week old. The check engine light stays on and has for more than 70,000 miles after I put the Cantrell cold air induction on the car. The car has been checked out and there is issue. The battery is brand new, the front rotors as drilled and slotted and very recently changed out. Tune up and water pump/timing belt has been done recently. Email me at [email protected] , PM me or call my office at 912-xxx-0820. ask for David


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