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***CAR FOUND*** WTB 2002-2005 NSX 6 - speed

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15 February 2024
I am in the market- in northern Arizona but willing to ship the car here. Pref Spa Yellow but open to any color except probably Imola. New member here but have been lurking for 15+ years and appreciate this community!
Miles- under 60k ish
Price - up to $150k
mods- the faster the better to go with Yellow- just kidding. Stock or tasteful; no accident or within reasonable explanation.

I am probably going to take the car to SOS here for the supercharger and some other mods at some point and look forward to being active in the community.
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Hi I am in the market; in northern Arizona. Pref Yellow but open except Imola. New member here but have been lurking for 15+ years and appreciate this community! I am frequently on BAT and C&B but check this site frequently as well. Mods if I missed anything let me know.
Smart person!!! Yellow is definitely the fastest color!!! You might want to post mileage preferences, price range, mods, etc.
Thanks @RPM217 , adjusted. I doubt any amount of mods or yellow color will keep up with My 21 GT500 or 21 392 wrangler.
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You probably saw this yellow 2000 with the pop-up headlights like God intended.

IMG_0884.jpeg@Honcho could you remove this one? I finally got my hands on an NSX - 03. I can’t believe how well these drive…tho the size difference is wild! Still, it feels quick to me that even with the big boy next. IMG_0887.jpeg
Want to get in before the wanted- add closes.
Man, that's fine. Black and White.
Scalpel and Muscle.

Way to go!
Cannot gather how bad-**s that Berlina looks with your N AZ pines behind it.
Good show well done and pls intro your own self when you get comfy here.
Congrats- the 2002+ NSX always has looked sharp in black. :)

I'll lock the thread and be sure to post an introduction thread in the new owners section!
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