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19x8.5 +45 front?

I would never do it but I am sure there are some here who will tell you to go for it.

Just my opinion.
Before you decide a wheel's width, you should be deciding the tire size FIRST, so that you can make sure the width is within the allowable range for that tire.

I don't think there are any 19" tires that will fit the NSX front without rubbing.
Will this fit? 19x8.5 +45? i have extended studs so i can put spacers on if needed to go flush

My bad I read this wrong I thought it was 18x8.5 but it's says 19x8.5 lol. 19x8.5 +45? Hummm... since it's a front wheel you might want to used a 215/35/19 size tire. If you used that tire size and install as is you might have some rubbing at full lock. Maybe a 5mm or a 10mm spacer will help :smile:
Do you mean 215/35-18? I'm not aware of ANY tires available in North America in 215/30-18.

Pretty sure he is not in N/A - that being said, I have had the T1R 235/30/18 which works great in the front of the NSX - they are disco now...

To answer the OP - don't do it unless you could care less if it rubs... ALOT.
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