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1st Speeding Ticket...Do I have any chance?


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25 September 2000
Tyson's Corner, VA
I was returning from an incredible day of driving on Skyline Drive (70 degrees, sunny, dry pavement, no wind, few cars)when I got yanked by a Statey. The road was 55 speed limit and 2 lanes each way. I had my radar detector on but it wasn't much help with absolutely no cars in sight for radar cover. SO the first blip was the cop hitting my car. There was one car slightly behind who was tracking probably 5 mph shy of myself. I was doing a mere 65, still speeding I know, but only 10 mph over. It was dark so he didn't see that it was an NSX until he was behind me. I think he was using instant on radar and am sure it was Ka band because it registered on the detector. The second I was hit I glanced at my speedo and saw 65 and thought I should be ok, but I braked anyway. 10 seconds later I am pulled over on the side of the road. He tells me I was doing 73, which was bs. I asked to see the gun, he said "we don't have to lock in the readings and that he had to check the trailing car's speed to make sure I was the guilty vehicle. HE did do that, at least according to my detector because there was a second blip a second after the first. SO here is the issue, I was speeding but he padded the number and I have no way to prove it. I couldn't say, look I know the instant you got me because I checked my speed as soon as the detector went off (dectectors illegal here in VA). The guy hated me despite my politeness probably due to my age and the car I was driving, btw I am 23. What a pain, I already pay ridiculous insurance despite a spotless driving record. Well...Actually I just finished dealing with a COmplete stop at a stop sign ticket in my home town. A blatant act of pick on the guy in the sports car. I am going to try to get a continuence, but do I have any other hope?
I guess I am lucky I didn't get caught with the detector in addition to the ticket.
Check into traffic school. Usually you can go if you haven't gone within a year. Completing the traffic school will dismiss the ticket. In other words, it won't show up on your driving record or be sent to your insurance.
Buy a radar jammer. I have one and they work better than a detector ever will.
Don't take your speeding ticket so personal. Like you said "It was dark and he couldn't tell it was an NSX until he got right up behind you". You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all. Coz was right about the driving class. Take the class and you won't receive any points on your record nor will your insurance rates get any higher than they are now.(as long as it's your first ticket). Check your local laws for driving school because here in Arizona a person can only take the class once every "2" years for a moving violation.
Traffic school (to keep the ticket off your record) may or may not be an option in the jurisdiction where you got the ticket. You won't know unless you talk to the courts.

You might want to consider consulting an attorney to represent you. Attorneys who specialize in defending traffic tickets are listed on the website of the National Motorists Association at http://motorists.org/ Those in Virginia are at http://www.motorists.org/Attorneys/virginia.html
I was under the impression that radar detectors are illegal in Virginia?

<small>Just re-read your last line. At least you got one bit of good luck.</small>

Traffic school is your best option, if available.

-Bob ('94 #496)

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Originally posted by Coz:
Buy a radar jammer. I have one and they work better than a detector ever will.

I have a K40 and they offer a jammer. Do you have any experience with how well the K40 jammer works? Also is it worth getting the laser capability added?
No legal ("passive") radar jammers work. The only ones that work are the illegal ones. Some laser scramblers do work and they are all legal as far as I know. Except nothing is legal (even detectors) in VA/DC.
Traffic school, schmaffic school..... I have gotten many tickets in my life and have never gone to traffic school or paid the courts.... Not a point on my license. Just go the lawyer route. When I get a ticket(which is much less frequent than it used to be), I just call my lawyer, send him the ticket, a check for $150 and about a month later I get a letter telling me that everything was dismissed and no point will be assessed...... That's it


Todd Arnold
So many technicalities for a lawyer to grab on to... it really is a joke on the system, full circle.

As Nsxotic mentions, at least here in FL we have tons of folks who will get your ticket dismissed for pretty much the cost of what paying the ticket would be, they even guarantee it. Difference is no points on your license.

Although I only resorted to them after exceeding the state limit of 4 driving schools...

Good luck!
Where are these "active jammers" located for my uh friend who wants to buy one?

Originally posted by Lud:
No legal ("passive") radar jammers work. The only ones that work are the illegal ones. Some laser scramblers do work and they are all legal as far as I know. Except nothing is legal (even detectors) in VA/DC.
Most of the active jammers are sold as plans that can be assembled from simple (e.g. Radio Shack) components. Less liability to the people selling them than if they were complete, operating units.

Try an internet search or posting to a bunch of sports car boards, like Corvette, Viper, Ferrari boards. Sooner or later you will hook up with someone.
After having attended 4 driving classes surely you must have received a diploma to hang up in your garage. I think you deserve one. Were they all for speeding?
Originally posted by Chris W:
After having attended 4 driving classes surely you must have received a diploma to hang up in your garage. I think you deserve one. Were they all for speeding?

Long ago and all for speeding, back from the days where I'd commute from Miami to New Orleans every couple of weeks. Don't get the wrong idea, this was all safe highway driving.

I'm rusty on the details, but here in FL you are allowed up to 3 classes per lifetime, but somehow you can continue to take the option but the classes get longer and more expensive. As in a day or two long instead of a couple of hours.

Somehow for tickets in Alabama I could just mail a check and never saw any points in my FL license.
You are in a world of hurt my friend. I have lived in VA all my life and have gotten my share of tickets over the years. My father holds the record in VA (Richmond) for the most number of points in a driving career. At last count, he had 57 points on his license. I have been a lot more fortunate. His Lamborghini has a top speed of 212 mhp, and my NSX only goes 175.

You certainly are getting a lot of advice from the group. Everthing from detectors and jammers to lawyers and traffic school. I have been driving for over 20 years in VA and have been stopped about 30 times. I have been ticketed about 15 times in that time and have been convicted only about 5-6 times. Most of them have always been reduced.

I would actually suggest that you go to AMAZON.COM and search on "Speeding Ticket". There are lots of good books out there about how to get yourself out of trouble or keep you from getting into it in the first place. But, it is too late for that now. Some of the books do have court room tactics, but read the reviews to get the right ones.

Ok, first of all, you have to know that getting a ticket on Skyline drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway is a NO WIN situation for you. The last time I was hit with radar on Skyline Drive was on my Motorcycle with a buddy on his too. We went through radar at 90+ mph. Needless to say, we didn't stick around long to see what kind of mood the officer was in. I don't advocate running from the cops ever, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Anyway, I would suggest you do the following:
1) Get educated: buy a book, see a lawyer, or do something... anything.
2) Get a lawyer if you think you have to. I don't normally use one, but I can see why some people do. If you know the same strategies, you can also argue successfully. I have in the past.
3) Save the "Traffic School" option as a LAST RESORT. If you feel you are about to loose your case, then as a last minute plea you can ask the judge if he is about to rule against you that he consider the option of traffic school and set aside the verdict until then. If you haven't been in 2 years, it is a good way to go
4) GO TO COURT! Don't assume you will lose. I have gone and the officer didn't show up or he didn't have my driving record etc. There are tons of technicalities that can earn you points. Those people that just pay the tickets don't know what they are missing. If you don't go to court, I can guarantee you will lose for sure.

I would forget using a detector or a jammer in Virginia. You are very lucky that you didn't get yours confiscated. They also will assume that you are 100% guilty once you disclose you have one. Don't make that mistake. It just establishes a pattern of lawlessness that digs your grave a little deeper. Might as well tell then that you also were carrying a concealed illegal handgun too.
Mine is a SIG 226 and SIG 228.

Well, good luck. I hope that it goes well. Keep us all posted.

Gordon G. Miller, III
2000 NSX-T #51 Yellow/Black
Save the "Traffic School" option as a LAST RESORT

That might be appropriate for Virginia, but traffic school can be a good first choice option in other jurisdictions. For example, in some counties in Illinois, you can request traffic school by mail for minor offenses. This means that there's no risk of getting the ticket on your record, and you don't even have to take off work during the day; you simply send in your check (yes, they still get your money) and they tell you when and where to show up, with evening and weekend classes offered as options.
I agree with all the posts suggesting not to just accept the ticket--especially if you indeed have a clean record, and the speed was not high. The most recent one I got was similar, and I did go to court. In my case, I tried to plead not guilty, because just like you, the speed was padded by 6 or 7 I suppose to make it worthwhile? Anyway, as soon as I could see no one was going to get found not guilty, I asked if the judge would consider witholding adjudication based on my clean record. He checked my record, and charged me only 59 dollars court cost--no record! This is Hillsborough County FL. I don't know if this will work for you. I got this idea watching one of those $150 lawyers do it.