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16 February 2000
Hi Looking for a little help
I'm going to order dali's racing hood and cant decide if i should go with one or two scoops. I havent been to any events so i havent seen how it looks in person.And only in a few pics so its hard to tell which looks better. If anyone has any pictures could you post them or email me
thanks in advance
Paul M.
Hey Paul,

This is strickly my opinion which means nothing.
But if I were to get a hood with scoops I'd choose the 1 scoop it looks cleaner to me than the 2 scoops. But since I'm a fan of clean lines, I'd choose neither 1 or 2 and leave it.

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I think Adam Suwurataru has the 1 scoop on his NSX, so you can look at it on his car. I like the 1 scoop better than the 2. Just my opinion though.

I have the two scoop hood and it looks incredible, but I also have the Comptec wide-body kit, which is visually more 'massive' than the stock body. I think if I had the stock body, I would go with one scoop. The aluminum work on the hoods is pretty good by the way. It only took some minor smoothing at the body shop and a coat of paint to make it look perfect.