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2000+ headers on early model NSXs - another question

7 April 2005
North Scottsdale, AZ
Okay, before anybody gets mad and tells me to use the search feature - I have. I wasn't able to find a definitive answer to the question that I'm about to ask; although I’m sure one of you really savvy searchers will be able to point me to the correct thread.

I happen to have in my possession a set of ’97 stock headers and ’04 stock headers and I can’t see any difference between them. They really look exactly the same to me (I haven’t done any measuring though). Please note however that I’m a computer chip guy, not an engine guy :smile:.

From what I understand, the 97-99s can be installed in an early model using an exhaust adaptor, but the 00-05 can’t be installed without new cats too.

So what exactly is the difference between the 97-99 and 00-05 headers with regard to installing them in an early model NSX? Like I said, they look the same to me: a really green novice.
I too would also like to know this