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Brakes **SOLD** BNIB Mita NSX 2000+ ABS Upgrade Kit (No Longer Available From Mita)

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14 November 2003
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From MITA's website at: https://www.mitamotorsports.com/product/abs-upgrade-kit/


***SOLD*** via offer, slightly below $4K - Asking $5000.00 + shipping

This might possibly be the last complete kit on the planet. Science of Speed has increased the price of their kit to over $5,500.00

Please check the Mita link above before purchasing my kit. When I originally listed this thing, I did a bunch of due diligence and was assured the modulators are as gone as Kosher delis in Kandahar. However if you know Marc at Mita you know that he is capable of making the impossible possible. Such is the case with these things. So get yours while the getting is good. Unless of course you're the kind of person who would pay over $2,000,000.00 for a hideous monstrosity eurotrash piece of doggie doo like the Pagani Huayra currently on BaT. (God, some of that BaT crap really cracks me up!)

LHD OEM 2000+ NSX ABS Upgrade. This setup helps early model NSXs that are suffering from a failing / underperforming ABS system. The 1991-1999 ABS system is prone to breaking down and needing to have the accumulator overhauled.

The 2002+ standard and NSX-R ABS modulator differ in a few key ways:

The standard, Type S, and Type S Zero all utilize the same brake hardware and the software is tuned to provide optimum performance in a wide range of conditions and driving situations. This system is proven to be ideal for almost all NSX customers except the most hardcore track-only oriented builds.
The NSX-R uses a smaller brake master cylinder and brake booster, the modulator is programmed slightly differently to accommodate this difference. The programming is also suited towards only track driving and can cause less-than-perfect performance when on city streets.

The differences between the MITA and other ABS upgrade kits are very notable, of course we believe our product to be superior. Allow us the opportunity to tell you why we believe this

The substantial savings comes from our direct involvement and close relationship with Honda Headquarters here in Japan. We are able to acquire the parts at a very reasonable price and it is our philosophy that any savings we get, we pass on to our customers.

If you look at the other ABS kit advertisement, you’ll see that many aftermarket parts such as wire ties, clips, bolts, nuts, and brake line/hose couplers in order to save our competitors from buying the more expensive parts from Honda. MITA believes a special car like the NSX requires the quality, performance, and peace of mind only OEM parts can provide. We include all the necessary OEM hardware to make your ABS conversion as close to the factory 2002+ cars as possible. This strict adherence to only using OEM parts ensures that the performance, quality, and value of your beloved NSX is not diminished.

Our competitors decided to not include a part we at MITA believe to be very essential to any ABS conversion; the ABS light relay. Without this relay being installed the “ABS” indicator light in the dash will illuminate and stay lit indefinitely. Having an erroneous malfunction indicator lamp on all of the time is not only an annoyance, it is also potentially dangerous in MITA’s opinion. The indicator lamp is an important diagnostic feature used to notify you if there is a problem detected with your ABS system. Our competitors sells this relay separately, whereas MITA includes it at ZERO additional cost to you.

The last difference we will note between our competitors and the MITA ABS conversion kits is the harness itself. One feature that none of our competitors conversion harnesses offer is the compatibility of the factory diagnostic tool into the harness. MITA worked together with the world renowned NSX experts at T3TEC to develop a harness that meets or exceeds the factory wiring standards without losing any of the OE functionality, including the ability to utilize all of the Honda tools and diagnostic equipment so your ABS system could be serviced at your local Honda/Acura dealer as if it was a 2002+ car.

In order to change to the newer ABS systems to the later generation NSXs, an electrical harness is required. The updated harness developed with T3Tec fits both Honda NSXs or Acura NSXs and can use the OEM error check connector.

1995-1999 applications only: The ABS indicator light relay must be replaced

Full Kit includes:

Printed Installation Instructions

NSX-R Modulator / 2000-2005 Modulator

Bracket ABS

Proportion Valve

Bracket Valve

3x Rubber Grommets

2x Required Bolts

S Brake Pipe

T Brake Pipe

U Brake Pipe

V Brake Pipe

W Brake Pipe

X Brake Pipe

Y Brake Pipe

Z Brake Pipe

3x Brake Pipe Clips

Light Relay

2x Nuts

4x Required Bolts

ABS Upgrade Electrical Harness

Updated model removes the previous retrofit check connector and replaced with an updated version which allows the OEM error check connector to be used.


YouTube Video of installation:


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Check the modulator to make sure it didn't get smashed up in transit. Several people myself included had that issue with Mita due to not being properly packaged. Then make sure to pad it properly before shipping to the next owner.
Thanks for the warning. I did inspect everything in the original shipping box from Mita and everything is unscathed. I'll be sure to follow your advice when it ships to the new owner.

I'm curious about the damage your modulator suffered. If you have pics could you post them please?
I repacked mine using bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts to eliminate any movement inside of the box. Thanks again for the heads up.

ABS Pump In Box.jpg
Still available from Mita too.
Yeah, Marc was able to source more standard (non Type R) modulators. I let some of the folks that made me offers (that I kept contact info for) know about it.
Discontinued again.
Hi guys, I just received the Mita ABS upgrade kit, here’s what it looks like, for those interested, please see below pics of everything received. Instruction sheets are in Japanese - I hope my local NSX tech can read Japanese or is familiar with the process, ha!


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Would the NSX-R MC/booster result in a firmer pedal?

One of my first cars was a 1979 Trans Am with a Borg Warner T-10 manual transmission with a 4,000lb pressure plate connected to the clutch pedal via a mechanical linkage. That being said, from my perspective at least, there is no such thing as a hydraulic clutch that can be described as "heavy" or "firm".
Hi guys, I just received the Mita ABS upgrade kit, here’s what it looks like, for those interested, please see below pics of everything received. Instruction sheets are in Japanese - I hope my local NSX tech can read Japanese or is familiar with the process, ha!
It's actually the first "sticky" thread in the DIY section right here on Prime: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/st...onversion-instructions-brake-line-map.215727/

I also posted a YouTube DIY video in the OP of this thread.
Instructions with photos available in English is on the MITA Motorsports website.
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