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2000 NSX-T Silver/Black 6-Speed 46, 378 mi JH4NA2167YT000118

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30 June 2008
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada - near Winnipeg
**PENDING SALE** working with first respondent, if does not go through, I will reach out to others based on order they came in and remove this message
Thank you

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Exterior color:
Interior color:
46, 378 mi
Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada
email - [email protected]

Maintenance Information
Everything Perfect currently, fresh engine oil last fall before storing for winter (400 miles since spring on it
Fresh Tranny oil last fall also
Timing belt /WP about 10 yrs ago at 33,800 at Acura Dealer in California
sparks/coils about at about 41,000 4 years ago
Tranny Oil changed every 3 years (Amsoil) = about 4,000 miles
Oil changed every fall = 1200 miles (Amsoil Signature)
New rear tires about 2 years ago, about 1200 miles on them
Shen-Etsu grease on all rubber seals every fall
Seats out and leatherique clean/condition every fall
Full detail of interior and exterior every fall, wheels off, and stored on jack stands under cover all winter with fuel stabilizer in climate controlled garage under NSX cover
Same routine done every year in last 9 years of my ownership
Mechanically perfect
Timing belt would be considered "due" for replacement given time elapsed since last change (only about 13,000 miles in the last 10 years since)

For those serious about finding the best possible condition NA2 with pop up lights (like I was 10 years ago) this I believe is it!
I searched for over two years before buying, and this was the best of all I looked at that checked off all my boxes , with exception of budget...but, when you find this one so great, I had to move on that requirement.

I have a business investment opportunity, so the fact I only drive this in summer , and sparingly at that, just doesn't make sense to borrow for this investment, when I have a clear NSX that doesn't get used near enough. Just know, that this is not a "have to sell", ...some of you out there will get this, but I literally go sit in my shop (which I built solely to house my NSX when I bought it) and just look at it, and puts me in a great mood, and has done so for almost 10 years!...so this is a difficult decision to say the least.

I drive it every spring-fall, for special weekend road trips , or a jaunt for ice cream once a week, etc....mainly car shows only.
It is stored in winter as described. I am a total CAR GUY, and likley the most anal person when it comes to cars to anyone who knows me...it is bucket washed after every drive...and polished with Autoglym after every drive...

No stories, its truly as good as it gets. It was amazing when I got it, and I've done a few tasteful things to only enhance it.
ALL OEM parts that I have changed, including some I bought :just to have" are included with car....Full details on Youtube at this link - https://youtu.be/dHoSoH6jrGA

Key enhancements - larger rear stabilzer bar via Prime vendor
center console change - via prime vendor
Prospeed exhaust - via prime vendor (AMAZING by the way!)
Aftermarket stereo (another passion of mine is audio) including Angus APX sub box in footwell, and 10" Pioneer IB Flat sub
, with Focal components in door, Alpine 5 channel amp....Kenwood head unit, SOS Nav pod....and so many other "little things" done along the way....SOS short shift kit, shift knob, door handles, and repairs such as door thingy, window regulators fix, and on and on.
YEs, I overdo the routine mainentance, such as oil change every 1200 miles , but that is about how many miles I drive each season, so change after driving and get ready to store.
I know I have forgotten so many things in this post, but watch the you tube link and then contact me via email if you have any questions at all. Again, all extra parts show are included.

Price is firm in US dollars.

As I said, I was so picky when I looked, and for the buyer looking for the best, no stories Pop-up NA2, I don;t think you will find better. I bought it out of Northern California when I purchased it. It had a Taitec Exhaust-too loud and droned for me...I tried a couple others, including an OEM from an almost new 2005, to quiet,,,so, when I saw clips on Prospeed, I ordered it, and WOW-perfect for me,,,,quiet when needed such as just cruising, no drone, and very aggressive under throttle...and beautifully built, and light...
I also have a B-line sports Cold air intake..the wheels you see came with the car when I bought it, but I immediately bought a set of OEM, with like new tires (on prime) just to have in case I ever wanted to go OEM...., it also had the updated rear valance when I bought it, so assuming that is painted...all else is original paint....front end clear bra on hood, lights and mirrors...again, too much to mention....check out the link.

If I think of something else pertinent, I will edit the comments...
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