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2000 NSX-T Silver/Black Automatic 87877 JH4NA1262YT000004

25 July 2017
Woodland Hills
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Los Angeles, California
PM, e-mail: [email protected]; 818-274-8827

Maintenance Information
2013: Valve adjust & gaskets, spool gaskets, plugs, K&N filter, fluid change including antifreeze, brake fluid, Mobil 1. New front brakes. New tires. Replaced spark-plugs. Front lip spoiler replace. New struts on back glass. Timing belt and water pump purchased but not installed.

2015: New battery.

This car is a collector's car for many reasons. From the NSXs still remaining on the road, the majority have been heavily modified, and/or have high mileage. This car is very unique in that it is still mostly all original. The only non-original parts on it are the rims, and the radio unit. Under my ownership since 2013 the vehicle has never even seen rain or a single puddle. The car has been kept in immaculate condition, garaged, and covered in its original NSX cover. The seats have no cracks from bolster wear and look to be in almost new condition thanks to regular conditioning. Other unique features: the designer of the NSX signed the interior of the glove compartment, the vehicle was only the fourth car off of the production line that year, and from my research, it is only one of two vehicles in this color with an auto transmission produced in the year 2000.

The battery was replaced a couple of years ago and is always kept on a battery tender. In the five years that I have owned the car, I have only put around 600 miles on it. It is up to date as per maintenance and I have a new timing belt and water pump, waiting to be installed. They have not been installed yet as one of the experts for NSX repairs in Southern California advised me to wait until 100,000 to replace them since he said it would be a waste to do it earlier, regardless of what the recommended maintenance says. The previous owner had the car professionally sprayed upon purchasing it due to some minor rock chips on the front bumper/hood (likely from highway driving).

Excellent paint, no door dings, no front rock damage, minimal underside lip spoiler rash. Original glass which is tinted. Leather conditioned on a regular basis, no rips or tears, minimal wear pattern for leather of this age. No oil leaks, runs great. Everything works except for the remote locks and the Sirius satellite radio is functional but not active. Rt. side panel missing VIN so PPI believe it was replaced at some point as aluminum used to be difficult to repair (zero structural damage underneath and original screws/clips still there). The driver's-side window is a bit slow going up and down but works, which is a known and common issue with the NSX.

I just had the car smog-checked without any issue and registered the tags in February 2019.

All books & records, original NSX car cover included. Both original keys included. I have always kept the car in great condition, never driven it hard, and certainly never tracked the vehicle. My understanding is that the original owner (#1) traded the car in to Rusnak Pasadena for a Porsche, at which point it was purchased by the second owner who was a collector. He only kept the car for a few months before he decided to sell it since he found the car hard to get in and out of due to his age. He then sold it to me.

Being an automatic, it is great for LA traffic if you choose to use this as a daily driver. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but having driven both the manual transmission and automatic, I actually preferred the automatic more over time than the various times I drove the manual.

This was my dream car since I was in high-school which I finally purchased in 2013. I never thought that I would be the guy to sell it due to a "lifestyle change" but I don't drive it nearly enough, and it's time for this beautiful piece of machinery to find a new home with someone who will have the time to enjoy it.

I am located in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. Please email or PM me for more information or for any questions that you may have.


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The previous owner made it to a great xpo in 06 as that glove box can attest...
Hi - yes it is still available. The car is currently having maintenance done on it (timing belt, water pump, brake flush, oil change, etc.), and I will update the listing to reflect that when it's done in the next few days. Feel free to pm me here with any questions or you can reach me at [email protected] or 818 274 8827. I have additional pictures and video available.


Is this car still available?
IMHO, this car looks really nice! I recall the first time I ever rode in an AT car, I didn't know what to expect. It was fine! GLWS!
Thanks! I drove a couple of MTs before buying this one back in 2013 and loved it just as much. I've kept it lovingly for the last seven years but now it's time to find a new home. To avoid dealing with the general public I've only listed it here hoping to find a fellow NSX enthusiast but starting next week I'm going to make it more public via Facebook etc. Safe driving and enjoy your ride!

IMHO, this car looks really nice! I recall the first time I ever rode in an AT car, I didn't know what to expect. It was fine! GLWS!
Which wheels are those? Other then wheels and radio, what other mods? Thanks

Hi Auraraptor. The wheels are a brand called Voxx - nothing fancy. If I were to keep the car I would update the rims. Aside from the wheels and radio, there have been zero mods on the car. It is all stock, nor has it ever been modified. Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you have any other questions.
Brands like voxx would copy the more popular styles of the times using shall we say less strict tolerances.....these kinda look like SSR integral split spoke...