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2000 Silverstone for sale in Vegas. Anyone here know this car? JH4NA2166YT000045

5 May 2005
Los Angeles
JH4NA2166YT000045 - I searched for the VIN and came up dry.

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I've become friends with a fellow named Shingo through playing tennis. He's in his 40's and has a couple kids under the age of 5. Although his only car is a Prius, he admires my NSX and tells me it's his dream car that he will someday own. Well, he recently got some bad news about his health, and that "someday" will have to come sooner than anticipated. I'd like to make sure he gets a good car.

Does anyone know anything about the car or owner? And can one of you Vegas guys take a look at it for me?


Re: 2000 Silverstone for sale in Vegas. Anyone here know this car?

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear about your friend Shingo, hopefully he'll recover from whatevers wrong...

I don't mind taking a look at the NSX for ya, but sadly, I don't really know much about cars, so I'm probably not the best person for the job. I just like to drive'em & look at'em...=)

But if noone else is free, let me know and I'd be happy to offer whatever opinion I can.

As for a place for PPI, you have the 2 dealerships, Findlay Acura in Henderson & Acura of Las Vegas on W. Sahara. I have a private tech take care of all of my needs, and he's serviced a few of the other guys in Vegas as well. Wow, that sounded kinda dirty...=) Anyways, I don't know what he charges to do a PPI, but if you want to talk to him, let me know and I'll put you in contact with him. Or if you or your friend are more comfortable going through a dealership, I would check the 2 I mentioned...

Oh yeah, the private tech I'm referring too is Adrian Ramos, he's a master tech at BMW, former NSX tech for Acura of Las Vegas, when they were Falconi's Acura, and also works with those Factor X guys...

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Re: 2000 Silverstone for sale in Vegas. Anyone here know this car?


Thank you for your help. Can you ask your tech what the he'd charge for a PPI?

I will PM you.

Re: 2000 Silverstone for sale in Vegas. Anyone here know this car?

Hi Mike,

I spoke to Adrian, and he would charge $100 to do a PPI. Here's a few things he would check, that I can remember from our conversation:

Check Brakes
Check to make sure all the accessories function like they should
Scan car for any faults
Overall inspection for any leaks or deterioration of any kind & visually inspect the suspension for any visual damage & check for abnormal tire wear
Check Lights

Sorry for not being more detailed, but he was working on a car when I talked to him, so I didn't want to take up too much of his time. He mentioned other things, but generally, he would look over the whole car, and would provide you with a grocery list of his recommended fixes.

Hope this helps...=)