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2002 NSX-T Yellow/Yellow JH4NA21632T000009

23 January 2010
Jasper, Ga
FULL VIN #: JH4NA21632T000009
CONTACT VIA: timwhitney113@gmail . com or 770-833-8494 or PM me
PRICE: $62,500

NUMBER OF OWNERS: 3 including me





MAINTENANCE HISTORY?: I have all receipts since I owned it. It has only had 100% synthetic oil changes performed at time not mileage intervals, new OEM clutch and all wearable items that go with it, new tires with less than 1000 miles on them, new serpentine belt, all hoses were checked at recent service and deemed okay, detailed often and stored covered in garage

MODS?: 1st OWNER ADDED CompTech Headers, muffler and tips and I added a K&N filter in the stock airbox (stock exhaust is NOT available), Dealer added "NSX" phone

According to Prime it is 1 of 13 and I know of 2 that were totaled already (1 wrecked and 1 flood) So it is getting rarer everyday :smile:
I have the original "Window Sticker" 3 keys including "Red" key and all books, includes NSX car cover and storage bag, never used spare tire and all stock tools and air compressor in trunk floor


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With the rise in NSX prices and the lack of my use due to having two kids... It's now time to sell this beauty! This is basically a stock, never tracked and always in the south, garaged kept yellow/yellow 6sp. Mileage update 57,320

Come and get it, I need another four seater...
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Okay fellow Primers, it is now warm enough for me to go play and I want something bigger. I've been a part of this wonderful NSX community for over 5 years and as promised to a few Primers interested in my car back in December... I'm officially selling my car!

There are only eleven 2002+ in Auto Trader and NONE are listed less than $64,500 with a few of them in the upper $60's and most of them in the mid $70's... There are even a couple ultra low mileage 2005 garage queens for $107k and $109k. All NSX's, as we all know, are practically guaranteed to continue to rise in value.

The best part of daily driving your new to you NSX, other than you're driving an NSX daily, with every mile driven you depreciate any car, but the recent appreciation rate for the NSX will offset it and make it a better value to drive than a new BMW. How can you not drive it? Also if you are the type to daily drive the car you can afford all the wearables like your driving a Honda or Toyota.

Okay here is the part you care about! I'm lowering the price :eek: to $59,950 only because I want to sell it. Not much has changed, I did install new rear tires (matching the fronts of course!!!) and did a full synthetic Mobile 1 oil change with filter last month before I drove it to Florida and back for a long weekend. When I got back she got a nice cleaning inside and out and the mileage was just over 58k.

To answer the most common questions...
1. Q. "Why was it originally listed in 7/2012 for three months?" A. I was listing it because a happy wife makes a happy life, I didn't want to sell it, but to make a point I listed it and filtered through the emails and phone calls looking for the perfect adopting parents of my baby... Only the perfect buyer was buying this all original car from me and if I felt you were taking if to my friends in Arizona or Michigan to turbo and widebody it... Then it was going to stay in my garage. I did have a couple tire kickers and "car traders" but no one that I felt I wanted to sell my "baby" too. Once you own one, you will know what I mean and this one is an unmolested nicely driven queen.

2. Q "Why was it listed in late November?" A. I thought I saw the perfect Porsche 997TT and my wife would have killed me if I had two $60k toys in the garage at the same time... Again a happy wife, makes a happy life. :smile:

I'm ready to sell it, who's visiting my beautiful north Georgia mountains? Tail of the Dragon is just now thawing out and you can still see through the trees to get a nice sight line through the apex. Free tour in your new to you NSX, or just follow me...
"Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap with 318 curves in 11 miles, is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road." www.tailofthedragon.com

- - - Updated - - -

2015-03-18 17.42.02.jpg2014-12-07 15.53.52.jpg2014-12-07 15.36.16.jpg2015-03-13 17.41.30.jpg

any questions please call/text or email 770-833-8494 or [email protected]
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