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2003 NSX offical spec & picture

If that "is" what the new NSX will look like, I believe the old NSX will have no trouble retaining it value.

Mr. Honda must be spinning in his grave. God save us from those that want to turn the NSX into a Firebird.
Those are simply a magazine artist's speculation, not "offical" anything. The same is true for every other "second generation NSX picture" published to date. Those particular ones were originally published way back in 1997.

Check http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Media/rumors.htm and scroll down towards the bottom.

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How true is that 55K cost? I guess no one knows for sure but I think it's rare that newer version of the same model going down in value esp for exotic sports cars...
The January Motor Trend, pages 20 and 21 has some of the info we've heard and a couple of new drawings with S2000 cues -- but looks like the previous generation Eclipse. Surely the real thing will be better.