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Canadian spec NSX fog lights/driving lights operation question

Mostly its the bulbs, you can get the circuit checked for 12 volts at the sockets.....the only other part would be the DRL module, located behind the glove box...if this unit is bad, it is mostly NA from Acura.

NEVER drive using only your parking or fog lights. It's illegal and unsafe. Fog lights should be turned off when visibility is normal

We'll have to agree to disagree. because I totally, 100% disagree.

In fact, I ALWAYS drive with fog lights on (in cars that have them).

In several of my fog light equipped "vintage" cars (993, NB Miata, and an E36 M3 I used to have) I rewired the fogs so they can be switched on independently from the headlights. I leave the switch on, so they come on automatically when I start the car.

So as such I'm using my fog lights as DRLs, certainly nothing unsafe about that. They have a sharp low cutoff, so they are easily seen by oncoming traffic, without any risk of shining directly in their eyes.

As an example, here are my 993 instructions. https://rennlist.com/forums/993-forum/936665-easy-mod-turn-on-fog-lights-without-headlights.html

If my NSX had fog lights I would have done that mod, but instead converted to switchback turn signals, providing DRL function by illuminating continuous white normally, but switching to flashing amber when you use the turn signals.

Thread here: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/ne...lso-includes-switchback-drl-turn-info.219764/
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NEVER drive using only your parking or fog lights. It's illegal and unsafe. Use rear fog lights if you have them when visibility is less than around 300 feet. Fog lights should be turned off when visibility is normal
I also disagree, about the other aspect. While a few older cars do have excessively bright fog lights that shouldn't be used in non-foggy conditions (I've had this in the owner's manual of previous cars), you can definitely drive legally with your "parking" lights on. After all, they're on whenever your headlights are on. They recommended against this 40 years ago because your dash lights would be illuminated & you could accidentally drive at night without realizing that your headlights weren't on. With modern dashboards always on anyway, you might as well do it all the time to provide some extra visibility with your tail lights during the day; there have been several threads on how to do this without dimming the radio, clock, & CC, including mine below. This always-on "parking lights" is actually required by law for motorcycles in many jurisdictions like Ontario so my bikes haven't even had a headlight switch since the 80's, just high or low beam.

I added this "motorcycle" style plug'n play front & back DRL to my USDM NSX using @centerpunch front suggestion above and additional wiring as shown here:

IMHO, @centerpunch DRL is a lot better looking than the ugly add-on Canadian DRL (same place as DJM fog lights & also blocks your AC condenser inlets) or even the SOS add-on low profile DRL in the same location.
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Welcome to Prime! A Canadian model NSX! Hopefully an owner of an original Canadian-spec NSX can chime in and correct any errors.

Another thought. Be sure you are checking the DRL light bulbs correctly - on an original MT Canadian NSX, you may need a reflective surface or wheel chocks to keep the running car from moving, WITHOUT application of the emergency/parking brake OR the headlights. (Some DRL modules need the engine running, others you can just turn the car "on" without starting it.) The Canadian DRL lights are turned off by the DRL module with application of the emergency brake or the headlights, so if you have the engine running but use the parking brake or headlights when you go to check them, they will be off and appear burned out. The side effect is that there is no way to turn on the DRL lights as "fog" lights when driving with your headlights on, but I know that some owners have rewired in order to accomplish this. I don't know if Canadian models used the JDM fog lenses for their DRL; I would suspect not, but CanDM was such a low volume model, who knows.

There is one owner's manual for both Canada & USA; my manual describes DRL on p. 52 & 56. CanDM models have a DRL dash indicator to indicate when both the DRL's and the headlights are off, ie when the emergency brake is set. If the DRL indicator stays on when you release the emergency brake, check the fuse, DRL bulbs, high beam bulbs, and the DRL module (impossible part to find so rewire as per @centerpunch 's thread for DRL.) You will not regret reading your owner's manual carefully from front to back. Electronic copy available from acura.com. Most of the NSX's up here are imported USDM models like mine & @Old Guy , since Acura Canada priced the CanDM NSX so high up here.

Let us know how it works out.
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DRLs are for countries where it is mandatory to have front lights on during the day. They turn on when motor is running or car starts moving. They shut off when headlights are turn on. This way you can run during the day with front lights but without rear and cluster lights on.

Fog lights were OEM in Europe and they can be turned on (independently front and / or rears) with the switches mounted where USDM have the coins tray. Here it is forbidden by law to use fog lights if weather conditions are good.
Technically it's possible that it is still illegal in some states here in the US to use fog lights without headlights on. But since DRLs have become prevalent, driving with fog lights only on during the day is visually no different than DRLs, so the chance of getting stopped for that is zero.

I like DRL function, so on my older cars that don't have them, I modify the fog lights to operate in their place. Since my NSX did not have fog lights, I modified the turn signals to provide DRL function as detailed above.