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2004 S2000 Forsale

23 December 2001
Long Island, NY
2004 Honda S2000 JHMAP214X4T001088

19800 Miles

This is a beautiful S2000 in excellent condition up forsale, as you are aware 2004 was the first year of the 2.2 liter upgraded engine which transformed the s2000 into a everyday machine on the road and race car on the track. This car was purchased in January of 2005 for $28,000.00, it is under factory warranty and there are no paint work, no accidents, and no issues! I am selling the car due to the purchase of my first home and down sizing to only one car... I just sold my 2000 nsx 2 weeks ago and I can provide you with reference on how happy the new owner is.

This car was originally purchased with the all black interior, but as I have always wanted the black/red interior, I was able to purchase a full set from a gentlemen that was turning his s2000 into a race car. The interior is like new, except for the passenger side door panel and seat, which has slight dark stain marks as you can see from the pictures below. It is not very noticeable unless you look for it. If the new owner would like to switch the interior back to all black, I can do this at no charge of course.

The car just recently had a major service, it was done by "Billman250" from the s2ki.com s2000 enthusiast forum. He is THE s2000 specialist known in the NY/NJ/CT area. The service included, valve adjustment, diff fluid change, tranny fluid change, engine oil change, new air filter, new interior filter, brake fluid change, and clutch fluid change. You probably will not find a better maintained s2000 forsale! I am an auto enthusiast, I do not abuse my cars, i do not do burnout's, clutch dumping, or anything of the sort as it simply pains me to abuse this fine machine. This car is truly the finest car you will find and can buy with confidence. The car is garaged and polished/wax with the finest products, email me for a picture of my car care collection.

Imperfections: (Pictures below)

* Each of the wheels have some sort of small imperfection from the original owner, again not noticeable unless you were looking for it.
* There is a small scratch on the back edge of the trunk, and should you decide to install the factory spoiler later on, it would cover that scratch completely.
* There are two small door dings on the driver side, the camera could not pick it up, but it will cost no more than $150 to be removed by the paint less dent removal services.
* The driver side front bumper edge has a scuff mark, I didn't touch it up but the new owner could if he/she chooses to.
* The car does have 19,800 miles on it, so expect some small rock chips on the front bumper, nothing large or noticeable, it also shows you that it's the original paint.

The car is currently financed through Honda Financial Services, so payment will have to be make to them via certified funds, the lien release will come within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. The car is still under factory warranty which 3 years/36,000 miles. Enjoy the pictures below and contact me with any questions at 516 724 6046.

PRICE: $26,999.00




















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